5 Ways to Ensure a Cool and Clean Atmosphere

July 17, 2018Back to blog
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Sanitizing air vents is expensive and nonetheless, necessary due to health implications brought about by pollutants being airborne. One way of ensuring clean air is by having specialists sanitize the vents to remove pollutants that may have settled from prolonged use of AC. However, in the event that you cannot afford to hire specialized vent sanitizers, there are other alternatives to ensuring air at home is constantly fresh.

Below are five useful guidelines for keeping your air clean.

  1. Fix Good Quality Air Filter

Filters are sieves which trap dirt which would contaminate the air. Investing in a decent filter ensures no dust penetrates across the filters.

  1. Proper Duct Insulation

Lining ducts with insulating material help to sustain air trapped in order to preserve the desired temperature. Insulating duct works helps to enhance thermal performance thus inhibiting condensation and dripping. Ensure it’s done skillfully to avoid pollution in the ducts. It’s also crucial to constantly check the condition of the ducts to note whenever they need repairing.

  1. Hire Certified Air Duct Fitting Experts

Wrongly placed ducts affect the efficiency of the air control system. Be sure to hire pros for the installation to avoid intake of dust and dirt into the channel. Make certain that no leaking occurs between the vents as it can lead to consumption of extra power thus resulting in high electricity bills.

  1. Conduct Regular Checks

Check air vents as frequently as possible to monitor their cleanliness. These regular checks enable you to note a fault in the system in due time and arrange for maintenance before the damage gets worse.

  1. Thoroughly Sanitize the Vents

Clean the air pipes at least twice a year to avoid health risks associated with poorly maintained AC systems. It’s essential to choose Brampton Air Duct Cleaning Service for efficient air duct cleaning services. If you live in GTA do not hesitate to schedule for our services. We are looking forward to improving your home atmosphere.

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