Advantages of Air Vent Sanitization

September 10, 2018Back to blog
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Clean air to breath at a home environment is crucial since we rely on air to breathe. As much as air vent cleaning is not a cheap affair it’s crucial to invest in it because failure to have a clean air can impact our wellbeing negatively reducing the quality of life. Besides supplying good clean air, maintained and cleaned ducts ensure good circulation of heat and cold in the house.

Sanitized air ducts also help avoid the presence of allergens in the atmosphere that could cause a lot of complications in our wellbeing. This is especially helpful for people with sensitive immune systems in that they are irritable to allergens or have a history of breathing problems. Keeping vents clean eliminates the risks of suffering from these complications.

Dirty vents sometimes may have mold, specks of dust or debris settled in the vents thus subjecting the house to a murky or dusty smell which never seems to go away. The smell gets worse whenever the AC is operating. Clean vents leave the house smelling good and clean at all times.

Another benefit of having clean air vents is that it provides a constant flow of air in the house. A buildup of dust and debris in the vents restricts constant air flow in the house since the filters are covered with dust. Clean ducts don’t have any barriers hence air flows freely thus reducing the amount of energy consumed hence reducing on power bills.

Prevent Fire Accidents

When using an HVAC heating system that runs on propane and gas, then unclean vents can be a fire hazard as the dry debris that accumulates in this vents could make a way to the heating system and cause a fire. A simple duct cleaning routine with Hillcrest Village duct cleaning services GTA can be highly effective in reducing the risk of fire.


After a recent carpeting or change in upholstery or drapes, then this would be a good time to schedule for a vent sanitization due to the possibility of fabrics from the carpets and upholstery making their way to the air canals. These vents should be maintained regularly in a year, this way you will ensure the systems run efficiently at all times and your household get to enjoy the fresh air and lead healthy lives.

When hiring professionals to sanitize your air ducts it’s important to know what to expect when they come for your ducts. Experts will ensure a comprehensive duct cleaning to avoid the accumulation of contaminants again in a short span. They are likely to do an inspection and thorough cleaning of the air ducts, air registers, diffusers and grills, heat exchanges, drain/drip pans, heating, and cooling coils the fan as well as the HVAC housing unit.

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