Air Duct Cleaning FAQ

It is advised that the air ducts should be washed out every three to five years. If you own pets, remodel frequently, have allergies like asthma, have kids or reside close to a busy highway or farm, then you should do so more frequently.

Just about two to three hours.

The money paid is different because it depends on some aspects. However, on average, you will need about three hundred and thirty to six hundred dollars. So that you may have an exact quotation, please do get in touch with us.

When the machine is switched on, clouds of dust get blown into the living space of your house. Research has shown that indeed the air in our houses could have a lot more contaminants than that of the outside world.

There could be dead skin cells, fungi, dust, aerosol sprays, paint, cooking oil, insecticides, etc. Sometimes they are not just spread in the air, but accumulate and cause a major problem.

It is proven that getting rid of grime and dust in HVAC systems greatly improves the airflow. This, therefore, results in the system working for a shorter time, which then cuts on energy bills.

A big number of them are microscopic, meaning that you cannot see them with your naked eye. However, there are some methods you can use to check if some pests are being blown out of the pipes into the open space. You can easily tell because people might start having allergy problems such as asthma, sinus problems, and even bronchitis. Another sign is if there are stains on the vent covers, odors when you turn on the air con if there has been a fire, water leak or a flood. If you also just had some work done to the house, then there might be some dust left behind. In case you feel like the pipes may be compromised, do get in touch with us.

The reason to clean the HVAC system and air pipes is the same as why you wash your house. Think of how much grime will be in the house if it is not washed for like three or five years. Some people wash their houses, but when they clean out the HVAC, they are shocked at what they see. It doesn’t have to be an old house, because even buildings that have just been constructed tend to have debris left behind. Therefore, it is advisable to wash out the system every three to five years.

Filters, no matter how technologically advanced or expensive, cannot completely get out the pollutants that are in the ducts. Furthermore, these pollutants do not always have to go through where the filter is but can get in through other places. When air gets into the filter, it gets drawn in through the furnace and air conditioner. Therefore, each time you turn on the system, the dust that has settled gets shaken up, hence blowing it into your home. Also, when you switch on the heater or the fan, the temperature changes give mold, fungus, and bacteria perfect breeding ground.