Answers on Roof Vents for Dryers

July 05, 2019Back to blog
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Vents play a vital role in the proper operation of dryers. These pipes normally serve the purpose of sucking out moisture, lint, and other products of a dry run and directing them outside the home. When they are left to accumulate in the house, these substances could end up being health hazards or even lead to the destruction of property as a result of a fire.

The placement of vents from the dryer to outside is as essential as their inclusion in the first place. In most cases, these pipes are usually directed outdoors in a horizontal placement. However, there have been questions about whether or not the appliance can be placed on the roof. Generally, this idea is not supported even though a lot of people go on to do so in their homes. Nearly all air duct cleaning experts in Vaughan confess that placing this pipe vertically reduces the operation of your device at full efficiency. Additionally, it can become a cause for many problems around the house, some of which are shared by Sem’s Duct Cleaning firm below:

Difficult Drainage

It is not a wonder for steam and other moisture to crop up in the vents, which is produced from the garments being dried in the machine. These products are not usually a cause for alarm unless they are produced in high amounts. However, when the channels are placed vertically, even limited moisture amounts can result in problems. Once condensation settles on the walls of the pipe, they roll back down and create a layer of moisture all around, making it easy for lint to hold on to the sides. Therefore, you will find yourself cleaning your duct more often than usual.

Fungus Growth

The buildup of moisture in enclosed areas is a recipe for disaster where mold and mildew are involved. Due to the lack of proper drainage by the vent, moisture might not be exiting your house as it should, which makes your home a breeding ground for fungus. As it continues to grow, so does the quality of your surroundings continue to drop.

Damage by Water

Moisture from the outside can also cause as much damage like that from the inside. When the vent opening is placed on the roof, it becomes exposed to natural elements such as rain and snow. This makes them vulnerable to corroding and spreading leaks to other areas of the roof.

Cumbersome Cleaning

Vents have to be kept clean regularly either by yourself or skilled experts. The exercise is made a lot safer by your ability to easily reach the end of the pipe, which is usually by the side of the house. Having it on the roof, however, tasks you with climbing your house on a regular basis to get the job done.

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