Pointers on Boiler Upkeep

May 15, 2019Back to blog
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Proper maintenance is the key element to ensuring most appliances last for long without damage, and a boiler is no exception. Boilers serve the vital purpose of providing the flow of hot water in the house, especially for bathrooms and sometimes the kitchen. A boiler in prime condition does not consume a lot of fuel to run.

Boilers are especially important during the winter when temperatures can dip low. Therefore, it is essential for you to start ensuring that it is running at full efficiency from as early as now. Create time to carefully take a look at the appliance and ensure there aren’t any faulty elements. If there aren’t any, it is still important to put measures in place to make sure that it does not get damaged, and some of them are touched on below:

Remember to Flush

Flushing the boiler is essential for people living in areas with hard water. This type of water carries minerals like magnesium and calcium that harden and build up precipitation in the boiler. Over time, more fuel will have to be used to generate heat. The buildup could also cause damage to other parts of the device such as pipes. Therefore, ensure you flush the water every quarter to avoid spending a lot replacing elements of the boiler or the appliance itself.

Maintain clean vents

The quality of air in your home also affects the heat generated by your device. If your flues and ducts have not been cleaned in years, the high chances are that they are clogged with mold, dirt, and dust among other elements. In turn, the air that is in the house is made stuffy and proper flow is hindered. Accordingly, it is essential to reach out to air duct cleaning service in Aurora and have the ducts cleaned. Sem’s Duct Cleaning is among the reputable company you can contact.

Check on the pipes

During the winter, low temperatures might cause the pipes leading in and out of the boiler to freeze. Once this happens, a lot of pressure accumulates in the appliance. You can avoid this situation by letting the heat run for a few minutes every day. If you plan on going away for a long time, you should put the temperature on a timer.

Water level

Most modern boilers have automated systems installed that ensure the water level is maintained as required. However, if yours doesn’t, make sure you invest time to check regularly and ensure the water is at the level it is supposed to be. In both cases, even if the boiler does not break down, have a professional come and look at it annually. Also, arrange to have it cleaned and maintained.

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