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With 30+ years in the industry, we are your prime provider of residential HVAC duct cleaning services in Brampton and the GTA. Our seasoned veterans have extensive skill and experience, allowing them to do an excellent job regardless of the size or intricacy of your home system. With state-of-the-art tools and time-tested methods, your ductwork will remain pristine and work at peak performance at all times. Our services include:

  • Thermostat checkup
  • Air filter examination
  • Airflow analysis
  • Identifying air leakage
  • Pest infestation detection
  • Furnace/heater & humidifier inspection
  • Overall equipment appraisal

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Benefits you’ll get with our residential air duct cleaning services

Improved energy efficacy

A clean air duct system is an efficient system. Through our effort, you can ensure your home HVAC in Brampton always operates properly and efficiently, which directly translates to a lower utility bill.

Breathe healthier

Ridding your ductwork of dust, grime, and bacteria will significantly improve the air quality in your home and reduce the possibility of triggering allergies and/or irritations.

Rid your home of mold and mildew

Residential air duct cleaning prevents mold and mildew from reaching your home interior, thus protecting your wall, furniture, electronics, and, most importantly, the health of all residents.

Prolong your HVACs life span

With regular maintenance and air duct cleaning, you will reap the benefits of a functioning HVAC system for much longer. And you’ll pay less for repairs, which is definitely a massive bonus.

A streamlined residential AC duct cleaning process


Fast-and-easy scheduling

Book an appointment with our professionals within seconds through our web form.


A tailor-made plan

Our expert technicians will do a full-system checkup of your HVAC network and devise an individualized plan to fit your exact needs.


Not a scratch on your floors…

When our team arrives, they’ll bring a complete set of protective equipment and accessories to ensure no harm befalls your floors.


…or on your belongings

We’ll keep your household items safe no matter what, even if it means moving them to a secure storage facility and back upon work completion.

commercial Sem's duct cleaning
Toronto Residential Air Duct Cleaning _ How We Work _ Best in GTA

Rapid and safe dusting, brushing, and washing

Our highly sophisticated equipment allows us to purge dust, dirt, and debris from your vents swiftly, without compromising their integrity.


A complete service A to Z

Before we disconnect our HVAC duct cleaning tools, we’ll take your system for a test run to ensure everything works exactly as you want it.


Experienced technicians

Our staff members boast decades of experience and continuous training that ensures they stay at the top of their game.


Transparent prices

Our clients can count on honest pricing without hidden expenses or other nasty surprises.


Available wherever you are in the GTA

Our residential air duct cleaning services are accessible to anyone in the Brampton and Greater Toronto Area with a single phone call.

Our expertise extends to any property type

  • Newly built homes
  • Apartments
  • Studios
  • Renovated houses
  • Condos
  • ADUs

*In case your property type isn’t listed above, feel free to contact us. Our specialists will find a way to provide high-quality duct cleaning services suitable for your needs.

Your business can rely on our services, too

Aside from residential HVAC cleaning in Brampton, you can rely on us for:

  • Commercial air duct cleaning services;
  • Central vacuum cleaning
  • Picking up & delivery your carpet for cleaning

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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! Cleaning your air ducts in Brampton carries a host of benefits, such as:

  • Improved air quality;
  • Odor neutralization;
  • Reduction in bacteria;
  • Mold prevention.

Furthermore, a clean HVAC system will work better, allowing you to save a lot on utility bills, especially in the long run.

This service focuses on purging dust and grime buildup in the ductwork only, whereas HVAC cleaning encompasses the entire system, including the furnace (if any), ductwork, vents, coils, etc.

There are some telltale signs that your ductwork needs cleaning:

  • Mold at or around vents;
  • Poor or unstable airflow;
  • Frequent eye or nose irritation, without visible reason;
  • Unpleasant odors from ducts or when you turn HVAC on;
  • Excessive amount of dust.

If you notice any of these signs, it means your air ducts are in desperate need of cleaning.

The amount you’ll have to pay for this service in Brampton and the area will depend on:

  • The current state of your HVAC system and its size;
  • Whether you want some alterations made;
  • The qualifications and efficiency of your duct cleaning technicians.

To find some of the finest HVAC and duct cleaning services in the Greater Toronto Area, you need not look further than our company. Our dedicated technicians boast extensive knowledge on the topic and time-honed skills to cleanse even the most complex HVAC system. Rely on them to provide reliable and swift service, including:

Whether you live near Historic Bovaird House or Peel Art Gallery Museum, or anywhere in the GTA, we can make your home a healthier, cozier place to live in. All you have to do is get in touch with us!

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