How To Check For Leaking Ducts

March 28, 2019Back to blog
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As stated by Green Building Advisor, air vent seepage is a huge issue. On average, pipes leak almost ten percent of your air supply, which makes them the topmost energy waster in the house. The question now becomes, how can one tell if their conduits are having this problem? There is no need to fret as there are some sure ways through which you can check and tell if there is seepage, helping you dodge the additional costs and hazards that come up as a result of air pipe leakage in the house. Below are some of these ways listed by Sem’s Duct Cleaning.

  1. Increased utility bills

If you find that at the end of the month the amount of money you pay for utilities keeps going up, leaking tubes could be the problem. What this does is that it makes the HVAC system use too much energy so that it can fully serve your home. This then leads to an energy deficiency, increasing the utility fees.

  1. Dissimilar temperatures through the house

When the ducts are leaking, it could lead to conditioned air flowing into the attic or outside and can prevent air from getting to corners of the house where it is needed. If you notice there is a week flow of air from the vents in some rooms in the home, then the issue would most likely be a seepage in the pipes.

  1. Poor indoor air quality

One of the consequences of leaking air conduits is that they create high humidity in the house, which then makes a perfect breeding ground for mold. If this grows and becomes too much, then everyone living there could be in danger of having breathing difficulties, and if they already have sensitivities such as asthma, it could get worse.

  1. Too much dust

Such leaks, especially in sections of the house that are unconditioned such as the attic or crawl spaces can very easily suck in dust which is then blown out to different rooms. If one feels like they are always cleaning up and dusting, yet the dust never goes away, then the issue could be in the vents.

If you find that the rooms in the house get uncomfortably cold or warm, and there is a lot of dust and mold accumulating in the outlets, then these could be sure signs of a duct leak. Apart from this, one could also notice that the bills are becoming extremely high. Our advice is to save money and get professionals to wash the vents so that you can avoid all these issues. It is better to pay for expert upkeep than to have to install a whole new unit or pay for any other damage that could be brought about by this. Give a call to Air Duct Cleaners in Brampton today and schedule a conduit washing appointment.

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