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We are a reputable company that’s been offering industrial and commercial air duct cleaning in King City and the region for over three decades. Our competent staff is focused on performing a detail-oriented service. We specialize in:

  • Thermostat checking
  • Leak identification
  • Airflow assessment
  • Equipment testing
  • System check for pest infestation
  • Air filters checking
  • Compressor evaluation
  • Heater & humidifier check-up

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Reap the benefits of a clean heating and cooling system

Reduced electricity bills

A comprehensive HVAC air duct cleaning removes any dirt and debris present, enhancing air flow, boosting efficiency, and reducing electricity bills for your commercial or industrial property.

Improved air quality

Regular and detailed cleaning of your entire heating and cooling system eliminates any germs and bacteria that might be present, significantly improving the indoor air quality in your commercial space.

Enhanced longevity

Dirty ducts and grimy components can hamper the operations of your HVAC unit, reducing its longevity. Our crew cleans your system to remove any dirt and grime and increase its lifespan.

Better productivity

Our commercial air duct cleaning service will improve your commercial property’s IAQ, creating a healthier and more enjoyable workplace environment, boosting productivity in the process.

Our commercial air duct cleaning ticks all the boxes


Tried-and-tested method

Our comprehensive industrial air duct cleaning ensures better airflow and healthier office environments.


Vacuum blasting

Our Truck-Vac system ensures that all dust particles are removed from heating and cooling vents with ease.


Trustworthy and trained pros

We have a dedicated team of professionals who go above and beyond to perform a higher quality of work.


Air pressure clean-up

With our powerful suction hoses and negative air pressure, the Truck-Vac will suck out any debris without causing any damage.

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Scrubbing your HVAC system

With our 300psi scrubbing tools we can clean the vents and reduce allergens, thus making your commercial or industrial property a healthier place to be.


Transparent pricing

We’re always honest with our customers. There are no additional or hidden fees, so you know exactly what to expect from start until finish!


Knowledge and skill

Each member of our team is a well-versed professional who can provide expertise-based duct cleaning service.


Easy booking

With our swift booking you can get a free quote or schedule your service of choice in no time. Just provide the necessary information.


Broad operability

We offer thorough commercial duct cleaning in King City and all the surrounding communities.

We can clean HVAC systems in many different buildings

  • Facilities for industrial and commercial use, such as warehouses and many others
  • Low-rise and ground floors, skyscrapers, commercial offices
  • Post-renovation buildings, apartments, houses, and ground floor buildings
  • Hospitals, clinics, long-term care facilities
  • Restaurants, cafes, bars, supermarkets, department shops
  • Residential buildings, low-rise buildings, townhouses, apartments
  • Public schools, primary and secondary schools, nurseries, residential buildings
  • Buildings and real estate properties, rental-land

Even if your type of building isn’t listed here, don’t worry, as we’ll create a tailored plan for your type of property and accommodate your needs and requirements.

A wide range of commercial air duct cleaning services in King City & across GTA

  • Industrial air duct cleaning
  • Washing after renovation
  • Housing pipeline clean-up
  • Vent washing
  • Cleaning the vents in the air
  • Dust cleaning during summer
  • Dust cleaning during winter
  • Centralized vacuum
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Dryer duct washing

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Frequently Asked Questions

To ascertain if your commercial or industrial property in King CIty requires professional air duct cleaning, pay attention to the following telltale signs:

  • The amount of dust and debris during the start-up
  • The presence of mold
  • The signs of infestation
  • Check for the presence of carbon monoxide by inspecting your heating system

There are certain symptoms caused directly or indirectly by dirty air ducts. If you and your workforce are experiencing coughing, sneezing, sore throat, difficulty breathing, asthma or allergy worsening, it can be a sign that you have dirty air ducts. Harmful substances in air ducts can affect your indoor air quality which is why you need suitable and effective industrial duct cleaning methods.

Yes, it can. Mold spores can travel by air through your HVAC system. After this, if they find a place that has nutrients and moisture, but has no sunlight, they’ll start growing. This makes it hard to discover the real source, which is why you should let professionals help you with your commercial duct cleaning.

Air ducts often last anywhere from 10 to 15 years. The materials they’re made of will eventually get damaged. You should regularly evaluate the state of your air ducts to be sure when they need to be replaced. To ensure your peace of mind, you should place commercial air duct cleaning in our capable hands.

We are a team of dedicated and seasoned professionals that has been providing measurable services for over 30 years. Choose between residential, commercial or post-renovation cleaning and let us show you how reliable we are. You can find our services all around GTA, together with:

Whether your property is near Eaton Hall or closer to Kingbridge Centre, our services are available to you. We are a company built on trust, experience, and modern age techniques. Contact us or fill out a form today.

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