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With over 30 years of experience and access to professional-grade hardware, our team for industrial and commercial air duct cleaning in Thornhill and other communities in the GTA is fully equipped to meet your facility’s needs in an effective and efficient manner. Our services include:

  • Thermostat testing
  • Air filter inspection
  • Airflow assessment
  • Air leak detection
  • General system examination & testing
  • Compressor checkup
  • Electrical component assessment
  • Pest infestation detection
  • Humidifier & furnace/heater inspection
  • Gas connections testing

Ensure excellent air quality at your Thornhill premises with our help

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Reap the benefits of expert commercial air duct cleaning

Greater energy-efficiency

Dirty heating and cooling vents place additional strain on your HVAC system. This impairs its performance and significantly increases energy consumption.

Improved indoor air quality

Grimy HVAC vents can cause dust, allergens, toxins, fungal spores, and other unhealthy particulates to be recirculated throughout your premises in Thornhill.

Prolonged equipment life

Computers and other devices can suffer overheating issues as a result of unchecked dust and dirt buildup. Industrial duct cleaning prevents this from happening.

Reduced repair costs

Many HVAC system breakdowns and malfunctions are directly caused by clogged vents and dirt buildup within the system. This can lead to pricey repairs and downtime.

Our customer-oriented service leaves nothing to chance


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Detailed approach

We’ll thoroughly examine your building’s HVAC vents and prepare a tailored approach that delivers optimal results.


Blast vacuum

We’ll use a cutting-edge Truck-Vac system to purge dust, dirt, and other particulates from your facility’s ductwork.


Fine-tuned air pressure

Our modern air pressure suction hoses ensure a thorough duct cleaning without putting too much strain on your vents.

Toronto Residential Air Duct Cleaning _ How We Work
Toronto Residential Air Duct Cleaning _ How We Work _ Best in GTA

Extensive scrubbing

Our 300-psi hardware enables us to remove all traces of dust or debris from the HVAC system at your facility.


Final touches

We’ll complete the service by checking your vents to make sure everything is working as expected.


Skill & knowledge

We go out of our way to only hire trained and experienced professionals who approach each task with utmost attention to detail.


Fair & upfront pricing

Our pricing is flat, transparent, and 100% free of hidden costs, “unforeseen” expenses, and other shady strategies.


Large service area

In addition to Thornhill, our industrial and commercial duct cleaning is also available in other parts of the Greater Toronto Area.

We work with a variety of different industries in Thornhill

  • Warehouses & manufacturing plants
  • Office buildings (low rises, skyscrapers, etc.)
  • Grocery & retail stores, bars, cafes
  • Catering & hospitality establishments
  • Public and private nurseries & schools
  • Residential buildings & condominiums
  • Rental properties of all types
  • Newly renovated spaces

*Feel free to get in touch even if your facility type isn’t mentioned in the above list. Our experts in commercial and industrial duct cleaning will readily go above and beyond to meet the needs of your company.

We're your trusted provider of commercial & industrial duct cleanings, including:

  • Pipeline cleaning
  • Dryer duct cleaning
  • Post-renovation duct cleaning
  • Summer air duct cleaning
  • Winter air duct cleaning
  • Central vacuum cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning

Setting the standard for commercial air duct cleaning in Thornhill

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Frequently Asked Questions

And how. Commercial duct cleaning prolongs the life of the HVAC equipment at your Thornhill facility, protects your staff and clientele by helping maintain superior indoor air quality, and helps ensure your building complies with the relevant health and safety laws.

As a rule of thumb, you should book an industrial air duct cleaning in Thornhill once every 3-5 years. That being said, if the daily processes at your facility produce high amounts of pollutants, you may need to book this service more frequently.

Yes, commercial air duct cleaning is a great way to purge mold spores from your heating and cooling vents and minimize the risk of an infestation. It also reduces the chance of dust mites, insects, and other pests appearing at your establishment in Thornhill.

No. Industrial air duct cleaning requires specialized training and professional-level equipment in order to be carried out effectively. As such, it’s simply not a job a layperson can perform on their own.

With a tradition that dates back to 1995, Sem’s Duct Cleaning is the clear choice for all your commercial and industrial duct cleaning needs in the Greater Toronto Area and beyonds. Feel free to give us a call if you’re looking for:

Contact us and book your service today. Whether your premises are located near the Thornlea Secondary School, the Shouldice Hernia Centre, or anywhere else in the GTA, we’re just a few clicks away!

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