Commercial & Residential Duct Cleaning in Markham

It is important to maintain your HVAC ducts, whether we are talking about your home or your business. Even though they are very sturdy and unlikely to be physically damaged, they do suffer from other problems, mainly a buildup of dust and other debris.

Air filters are a useful tool that can help protect your home from this problem, but it will only go so far. After a while, dust buildup will start affecting the effectiveness of your HVAC system as well as increase your energy bills.

Residential Duct Cleaning

Residential HVAC systems tend to be relatively safe from dust buildup in the air ducts. However, having your ducts cleaned at least annually is always a good idea. Aside from helping your HVAC system operate at maximum capacity, you will also help your family breathe healthier air by eliminating the dust and other particles from your air.

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What Is Included in Residential Duct Cleaning in Markham

Sem’s Duct Cleaning offers a full residential duct cleaning service in Markham and the nearby communities. We only use certified tools and equipment to ensure that your air ducts are protected and our certified and experienced technician will perform the job quickly and efficiently.

In order to protect your home, our technicians will cover your floors with special runners and corner guards. Furniture can be removed from the area that will be treated by our staff. The whole process generally lasts between 15 minutes and half an hour, so when we say ‘quick and efficient’, we mean it!

Commercial Duct Cleaning

Commercial air duct systems can be impacted by dust and debris to a high degree, depending on the type of facility and the frequency of use. For instance, restaurants and offices have a relatively low impact of dust, not too different from a residential level. On the other hand, industrial and manufacturing facilities can be at high risk of damage to their HVAC systems due to dust buildup.

This is why regular duct cleaning for commercial facilities is so important. On the one hand, you will improve the longevity of your HVAC system and other machines by reducing the dust that accumulates in your air, and on the other – you will protect the health of your workers and visitors.

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How Commercial Duct Cleaning in Markham Is Done?

Simply call us and choose the date and time for your cleaning. Our skilled and experienced technicians will assess the ductwork in your facility and create a strategy that will minimize your downtime, while maximizing the effectiveness of the duct cleaning.

With our professional-grade equipment, we will ensure that all of your ducts are cleaned and ready for operation as soon as possible. We make commercial duct cleaning as easy as 1-2-3!

What Kind of Commercial Facilities Does Our Company Service?

Here at Sem’s Duct Cleaning of Markham, we are ready to tackle just about any kind of commercial facility. Our equipment is capable of tackling small offices, restaurants and bars just as efficiently as large warehouses and industrial manufacturing plants.

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