Differences Between Air Whip Cleaning And Standard Conduit Cleaning

September 14, 2018Back to blog
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Air conduit washing is a little more common compared to air whip cleaning since not many people have heard of the latter. Sem’s Duct Cleaning chooses to work with air whips to wash out conduits and check that the HVAC systems in the building or residence are in top shape. For the people who might be confused about the differences between these two types of cleaning, this article helps to explain the two and hopes to aid people who require these services to pick properly between them. Apart from that, our company can also show the client how exactly they work upon request of our HVAC cleaning services.

When it comes to Air Whip cleaning two chief processes can be applied to get rid of grime in the conduits: using a rotary brush and an air whip.

  • Rotary brush systems

This works by putting into use a round brush which is joined to a long cable. There is also a motor which turns the brush around like a drill. As this brush moves, it eliminates any dirt and dust trapped in the pipes. As much as these brushes are effective in removing rubble from round shaped pipes, they are not as operative when it comes to conduits with corners, which means that some dirt will be left behind. Brushes also get caught up very easily in the conduit and may be tricky to take out. When they get entangled, removing it may need a lot of energy.

  • Air whip systems

These do not operate in the same way compared to rotary brushes. It works by having an air nozzle put into the conduit. A compressor is then switched on, and the air is forced out of tiny holes that are on the nozzle. This builds up pressure which is enough to flash the dirt and dust out of the inner surfaces of the pipes. After that, a vacuum is put in to suck the debris out.

Advantages of an Air Whip System

Even though rotary brushes work just fine when it comes to getting rid of debris from air conduits, air whip systems are favored because of the below explanations:

  • They work better and produce good results compared to the brushes
  • It helps to carry out the task in the least amount of time possible, as well as to perform the cleaning with little effort
  • It keeps the ducts safe from any abrasion because they do not come into contact with the physical parts of the HVAC
  • It does not get tangled up in the pipes
  • It enables the crew to operate using less inventory, while still doing a good job

If you are not sure about the compatibility of this with your duct system, this should not be a matter of concern because the biggest advantage of air whips is that they can clean out any HVAC conduit system, without causing any harm. They are also very flexible and can move through the whole conduit, leaving no section uncleansed.

Nortown air duct cleaning services are only a call away, and Sem’s Duct Cleaning crew is always ready to help you clean out your air ducts, and improve the air that you are taking in.

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