Dryer Vents and Their Risks

June 21, 2019Back to blog
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Most people across Pleasantville use dryers to keep their clothes dry after a wash, making it an essential appliance in many households. Dryers play a considerable role in the house, but they could also pose a threat to your safety if they are not well-maintained. If your vent has not been checked and cleaned in a long time, there is a high chance that your dryer could cause a house fire. Sem’s Duct Cleaning sheds some light on the topic and the risks that can be avoided on you and your family by keeping the vent clean.

How They Work

Understanding the risk that comes with having a clogged dryer vent demands knowing how these appliances work in the first place. When the device starts running, the air is pulled in and heated before it is propelled through the clothes. It is then pulled out and disposed of through the vent. If your vent is too dirty to let the heated air pass through correctly, it is sent back into the house resulting in the growth of mold. If left unattended for too long, it could result in a house fire.

Research indicates that thousands of fires in homes are caused by vents every year that are not cleaned well. When debris and lint clog the vent, the gases that accumulate over time can spark flames that could result in not only property damage but also pose a risk to your life.

Identifying a Problem

Establish whether your dryer vent needs cleaning or not by using these tell-tales as signs for maintenance necessity.

  • Improper functioning

When dirt starts to get in the way of airflow in the vent, one of the first signs you will notice is that your clothes are no longer dry in one cycle. Running your clothes for multiple periods is an indicator that the moisture and heat being produced is not leaving the appliance as it should. Call in an expert as soon as you can and have them clean the vent and check for any other possible issues.

  • Moldy Smell

As earlier touched on, clogged vents result in the growth of mold, which can give your clothes a musty smell once they are dry. Additionally, you should also check the temperature of clothes when you pull them out. If they are too hot, there might be a problem.

Using the Accordion Style Device

Duct metal piping is the most advisable option if you want to be safer from the risk of a house fire. The accordion-style vent poses a higher threat to your safety. Therefore, if you have one, it is advisable to have it changed to one that uses a pipe system.

Visible Dirt

In most cases, dirt can accumulate on the outside of the flap that opens up to let the air out through the vent. Has it cleaned to avoid the flap shutting completely and allowing hot air and gases back into the house?

Even if you are not facing any of these issues, you can have a skilled expert from air duct cleaning service in Pleasantville check it out.

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