Entire Home Humidifier Or Movable One

January 30, 2019Back to blog
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In wintertime, the air begins to get parched, which mostly affects those who have cyclical reactions to weather change, affecting their breathing. Luckily, a humidifier will come in handy to help regulate the dampness in the house. The choice to either have an entire home humidifier or just in one’s room can be difficult to make. The advantages and disadvantages that should be considered when making a choice are:

Full Home Humidifier

This is fitted with the HVAC system, and it gets water from the main water source.

The benefits are:

  1. Low-maintenance: When an HVAC company such as King City HVAC Cleaning set up the humidifier, there is not much you need to do after that. It regulates itself according to the varying humidity levels in the house. Home-owners need not stress about adding water or replacing it, because it comes from the main source.
  2. Cheap: Besides the first cost needed for connection, having a full home humidifier is very cost friendly. It uses less power to control moistness levels in the home than a movable one that only controls one room. This will save you a lot of cash in the long run.

The disadvantages include:

  1. Inability to set different intensities: One of the cons is that it keeps the whole house at equal levels. This can be a problem for people living together but have different humidity requirements. People cannot have varying levels in different rooms. It is particularly problematic for the sleeping areas.
  2. Water contaminants: Because it gets water from the main source, impurities could get lodged in the sifter of the humidifier. Because of such contaminants, Sem’s duct cleaning advice homeowners to wash the filters with vinegar as soon as the heating season ends to avoid the pollutants from getting hard and polluting the air.

Mobile Humidifier

The advantages to this choice are:

  1. Simple connection: The stress-free installation is perhaps one of the top pros of this option. One needs to plug it into the socket and then put in some water. There is no need to look for an expert to install it for you, hence saving you some money. They can be carried, meaning they can be moved to any part of the house that they are needed.
  2. Many models: They can be matched to the owner’s style because they come in varying models, sizes and forms. They can be designed to look like animals or even fruits. There are models to cater to everyone. They can look like the artwork in the home making the home stylish.

The disadvantages are:

  1. A lot of care needed: even though not much needs to be done, they still need more care as compared to the full home ones. The water most definitely needs to be refilled every day or several times a week. Many producers also suggest the use of distilled water rather than tap water, which could be an extra charge and extra labor.
  2. Expensive: They consume more electricity as opposed to those in the entire home. Also, the cost of purchasing distilled water will be a lot in the long run.

To know what type of humidifier is necessary for your home, it is wise to seek the opinion of trusted people in the field such as King City duct cleaning services.

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