Fixing Leaking Air Ducts

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Receiving high utility bills tends to drive most Guelph home as well as business owners into upgrading their HVAC system, or obtaining new furnaces. However, there is often an easier fix to the high expenses that they incur. Most HVAC’s with a permeable air duct, tend to use too much energy and also use an extensive amount of time to run. The effectiveness of a leaking air duct often reduces up to nearly 20% and in turn affects the Guelph duct systems functioning due to overworking.

Problems Caused by Leaking Air Duct

Permeable air ducts in your Guelph home or office can cause a lot of strains both financially and to your health and those who live in your home. Some of these struggles associated with a leaky air duct include:

Higher Utility Costs

A leaky air duct, in a home, increases the utility charges and other bills related to it. Leaky air ducts result to the air conditioning unit working longer than the fixed set duration to make up for the set desired temperatures for homes.

Recurrent Repairs

Leaking air ducts often call for frequent repairs. The seepage of lint into the vents causes pressure to build up in the HVAC causing breakdowns. HVAC will also require more cleaning due to the leaks.

Poor indoor Air Condition

A leaking air duct often leads to warm air, and carbon monoxide is seeping in the house into your home. Carbon monoxide is a health hazard to people living in your home or working in your space. Warm air causes parts of your home to be moist and breeds molds which also cause potentially severe health risks. They also cause congestion of other substances and specks in the air. Some of these particles are bacterial and viral that is transmitted from person to person.

The Steps to Fixing a Leaking Air Duct

If your home has poor indoor air condition, there are high bills than usual, and you have called in repairers frequently, your air duct might be permeable. Sem’s Duct Cleaning advise you to get the air ducts repaired and impenetrable as soon as it possible. There are various steps to get the leak fixed:

  • Identifying the precise location of leaks

Inspection is carefully and thoroughly done to pinpoint the exact place that is leaking. This is done by making sure that the regulator is turned on and ductwork did to get the leaks. The ductwork is carefully tracked in this procedure.

  • Flex Connection Tightening

Most of the air leaks are caused by loose flex connections. The Flex connections can be tightened using Panduit strips and pliers.

  • Sealing Off Returns and Air Regulators

In the case that air outflows are challenging to locate, the air regulator and returns are sealed with the thermostat switched on. This creates pressure in the system exposing the leaks.

  • Ducts Insulation

After the leaks have been identified, measures to seal it are taken. A hole is made impenetrable by a mastic or foil tape. The ducts for long-term insulation are wrapped with foil tape. Compared to the high utility bills and the numerous repair charges, tapes and foils are affordable.

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