How Aeroseal Duct Sealing Works

August 03, 2018Back to blog
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When ducts are closed off, it prevents air from escaping through ventilation workspaces, both in homes and in offices. Tiny dabs of vinyl acetic acid derivation polymer particles, which are not harmful, are applied on pipes that have a tear that is a most extreme five-eighth of an inch. These particles then group together, and to the edges of the opening, until the hole is sealed. This process gives a ten year period insurance.

Even though half an inch may not look like a hole to be worried about, it can significantly affect the warm or cooled air circulating in your house or office, which comes out of heating ventilation and aerating and cooling framework. Making sure that the ducts are in good shape and operational will not only give you peace of mind but is quite a good overall investment.

It may be hard to spot a leak, but it is easy to fix it

Sem’s Duct Cleaning in Great Toronto Area understands that air spills can be tricky to spot, and when they finally are, they tend to be put back together with tape. This is a poor method of dealing with the leak because the tape is not a durable solution, and the air that is sealed in may, in the end, damage the tape or paste used.

One sure way of detecting a problem with your HVAC framework is through your service bill. If it is a lot more than usual, then there could be an issue. Keeping warm in the winter and cool in late spring can add up to forty percent of the vitality charge. Having a hole or a tear in the HVAC adds this amount because it will end up using more energy, and therefore more power.

Another way to spot a leak is if one part of the home keeps the warmth during winter, for example, while another part struggles to get warmed up. The opposite could also be during spring when trying to cool a room. If you notice this, then the ducts getting air to these places may have small breaks. Nonetheless, this does not mean that the whole system must be changed.

Dust, dander, and fumes from gas machines will be easy to see everywhere, especially if there is a tear in the channels. This may hinder the particulates from getting into the channel framework.
Toronto HVAC cleaning is a company with professional and well trained Aeroseal experts who will seal the tears in the vents for a short period with foam, which gets the air through the breaks.

This serves as a pretest that enables them to figure out just where the tears are. This goes through thirty to forty percent of the air coming out of the framework.

When the sealant is put into the system, it may end up unintentionally blocking the aeration and cooling system, loops, fans, and heaters. As the air moves. It transports the fluid to the tears, where it follows and changes to a strong substance, but does not cover them.

Getting ready beforehand is crucial in Aeroseal Duct Sealing

One should check that the ducts are well washed out before the procedure is done. Otherwise, the only other thing that needs to be in place is covering any electronics that may be close to where the process is taking place.

There will be a slight smell, just like that of Elmer’s glue that may be in the air after the sealant has been put, but it only lasts not more than two hours. If there is someone who may be affected by it, they are advised to get out of the home.

There is usually a computer analyst whose work is to provide you with the information of when and what time the ducts were sealed.

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