How To Keep Your Furnace in Good Condition All Winter Long

April 28, 2022Back to blog
Should HVAC ducts be insulated

HVAC system inspection is one of the most important things you can do to ensure your family’s comfort during winter. It is a good idea to put some thought into your heating system before the weather turns colder. It will prevent damages and breakdowns, and keep you cozy throughout the season.

If you haven’t had your furnace checked for quite some time, or if it’s letting out strange smells or noises, call your local HVAC technicians for a quick inspection. They will see to it that your furnace runs smoothly and efficiently.

If you’d like to personally check the health of your heating system, read on to the rest of this article. We’ll provide some time-tested tips on how to make sure your furnace is ready for the upcoming winter. Read on.

How do I check my furnace?

A thorough furnace inspection needs to be conducted to make sure every part of the heating system is working properly. Every detail must be inspected to see if there are damages to repair or if there are parts that need replacement.

Be sure to examine the following:

  • Combustion air ducts – this prevents the house from getting depressurised if installed properly. It allows the air to come inside the house as needed.
  • The furnace itself – you need to observe if your furnace switches on after turning up the thermostat. It should not turn off until it reaches the right temperature.
  • Supply registers – this is where warm air comes out. Open all registers and check if warm air is released from all of them.
  • Replace filters – done at least once a month, this process facilitates airflow and improves your indoor air quality by helping keep your heating system clean. Otherwise, dirty air filters will block warm air and prevent it from heating your home.

Should HVAC ducts be insulated?

Adequate insulation on your heating system offers cost effectiveness, protection, and sustainability to your property and your ducts. It reduces the amount of heat loss and heat gain through air ducts. It also saves energy.

If your air ducts are not insulated, cold air may end up traveling through them, warming up, and producing condensation inside the ducts. This can then lead to damage to the ducks or even mold infestations. By keeping your home well insulated, you reduce the risk of your HVAC system having to work harder over the winter.

Your home should be properly sealed as well

To prevent warm air from escaping, make sure there are no holes or cracks that warm air can escape through. Check your doors and windows and seal any visible leaks. Installing some heavy drapes over your windows adds protection from the coldness outside.

Is it a good idea to have a carbon monoxide detector in the home?

Absolutely. Since carbon monoxide is dangerous, detectors must be installed and regularly checked by a professional HVAC technician to make sure they’re functioning properly to ensure your and your family’s safety.

Is it important to clean your air ducts?

And how. Warm air travels through air ducts and air vents, so it is necessary to keep them clean. If you haven’t had them cleaned for a long time, take a closer look. Since air flows through the air ducts, dust and dirt build up inside them could be released inside your home, contaminating the air you breathe.

Call your local air duct cleaning service provider and have the ducts cleaned, fixed and maintained to prevent health problems.

How do I check my furnace

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