How To Clean A Dryer And Avoid House Fires

September 12, 2018Back to blog
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In just a year, the fluff that gathers in dryer vents instigates up to a thousand house fires, and if caution is not taken, this could end up happening to your home as well. As a substance, lint is considered to be extremely combustible, and it is therefore important for homeowners to clean out drier pipes at least once a year to be on the safe side.

Sometimes when the lint catches fire, it burns within the drier until it is over. This leads to the destruction of the appliance, as well as leaving behind a burnt smell. Nonetheless, in extreme cases, the fire ends up spreading to the other parts of the house, causing a lot of destruction and could easily end up bringing the whole structure down. Below are some tips by Sem’s Duct Cleaning on how one can wash out their dryer vents, and stay safe from fires.

  1. The first thing that ought to be done to avert lint fires is to see to it that the conduits are not made of plastic. Plastic vents for dryers are the least endorsed because they will be melted by it and will not keep the fire apart from that, burning plastic emits dangerous toxins which could be harmful to people’s health if they are breathed in. That being said, the go-to type of vents are the ones made of aluminum. Air vent lines should also be as short so that they do not get kinked or crushed.
  2. Consistent cleaning of lint screens is also a way to stay safe from fires. As well as saving time and money, this also helps ensure that the lint does not build up, therefore reducing the odds of a fire. Clean the lint screen before putting in the laundry that way there will be no lint to catch fire. It does not matter if it is a small amount of laundry, it is better to be safe than sorry.
  3. Dryer fires are also initiated by accumulated lint in the vent lines which run from the wall that is behind the drier to the exterior flap. If cleaning it yourself will pose an issue, you could always hire professionals such as Rexdale duct cleaning services to do it instead.
  4. One can also evade dryer fires by always ensuring that the place around the machine is free of clutter. This helps to keep the fire contained, if it starts, because if there are items next to it when the fire breaks out, they may also catch fire, causing it to move much faster through the home. See to it that laundry, washing stuff, and cartons are not left close to the dryer.
  5. A good way to rinse out dryer vents is to clean out the lint from the machine. Dusting lint out of the dryer prevents fires, and it is something that you can handle on your own, or get an expert.
  6. Apart from lint, dryer fires can also be set off by the gas line not being correctly looked It is important to regularly have the gas line inspected by an expert for leaks, ensuring you are safe from a fire.

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