How Infestation Removal Can Help HVAC Efficiency

January 28, 2022Back to blog
How do you get bugs out of air ducts

Pest infestations are one of the most common causes of HVAC inefficiency and bad indoor air quality. Insects, rodents, and other tiny animals are responsible for bringing bacteria, germs and viruses along with dust and dirt in your air duct system.

This may not only damage the internal components of your HVAC system, but also cause various health problems, especially in people who suffer from respiratory conditions such as asthma and allergies. Keeping your heating and cooling system pest-free is therefore essential to ensure your comfort and peace of mind and make the most of your future HVAC systems.

How do you get bugs out of air ducts?

Air ducts are the most commonly infested areas in the house. Since ductworks are concealed, they serve as the perfect hiding spot for pests and insects. They pass through holes and cracks on damaged air ducts. This is why it is important to perform regular HVAC and air duct system maintenance.

To eliminate these threats, a HVAC and air duct cleaning service provider is required. They will be able to clean the whole system with the use of specialized chemicals and equipment. Damages will then be repaired and broken parts will be replaced.

Since cleaning will not be enough to keep pests and insects from coming back, they will also perform sanitizing and disinfecting procedures. These will ultimately remove the threats that contaminate the indoor air you breathe.

How do I keep critters out of my outdoor AC unit

How do I keep critters out of my outdoor AC unit?

Air conditioning units and air vents located outside the house can also be infested. Cooling systems that are usually placed outdoors are at risk of insect infestations. Without proper cleaning, this can cause the unit to become damaged. Not only may this limit the performance of even a cutting-edge cooling system, it will also cause it to consume more energy.

Grass, weeds, bushes and trees growing particularly close to the unit can also be a source of pests and insects. To reduce the risk of an infestation, make sure there’s enough clearance between the outdoor AC unit and the surrounding shrubbery.

Same for air vents on the outsides of your house, as these can serve as entry points for pests and insects. Aside from clearing out the surrounding area, install aluminum mesh filters to keep those nuisances out of the system.

Who can help me keep my HVAC system free of insects in Toronto?

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