4 Tips on How to Prepare for a Scheduled Duct Cleaning

December 29, 2022Back to blog
How to get ready for residential duct cleaning

Whether you’re scheduling air duct cleaning in Maple for the first time or you’ve had the service performed before, you should know how to get ready for your appointment. If you organize your time so you can perform certain small tasks before your pros arrive, you’ll ensure they can finalize the job more quickly and efficiently. By spending little time preparing your place of residence, you’ll make sure to reduce downtime and hasten the whole process. 

Use the following 4 tips and make sure you did everything you could to get ready for the technicians’ arrival.

How to get ready for residential duct cleaning?

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If you have no idea how to keep your ducts clean during the winter or you want to avoid problems that come from not sanitizing them properly, you’ve probably decided to hire professional duct cleaners. After you choose the company that matches all your requirements, you should prepare for the arrival of your experts. Look at 4 tips on how to get ready for such an appointment:

1. Clear the area around vents and registers

Make sure your professionals have clear access to the return vents and registers so they can easily and efficiently hook their equipment. Not to mention that they’ll clean these components, too. That’s why it’s essential you clear dust, dirt, or any clutter present around these parts of your HVAC system. Go through every room and clear all the areas where the job will be performed.

2. Clear the space around the HVAC system

Before your experts arrive at your home, remove plants, furniture, and other objects around the furnace or air conditioner. These items can use up the space necessary for your pros to perform their job which means you’ll help them a lot. Relocate these belongings into another room, or simply store them far from the area around your HVAC system, you can ask your specialists how much space they need so you know what to move away.

3. Make sure your kids and pets are safe

Your kids or pets shouldn’t be around while the clean-up process is performed because this can cause certain delays. Your technicians will have to leave the doors ajar and circulate through your home all the time which is why it’s better you determine a place where your pets and kids will be safe. If you decide to keep your pets at home, inform your crew so that they can plan the whole sanitization accordingly.

4. Turn off all your electronics

You should take some time to turn off all your electronics so that the equipment used to sanitize your ductwork doesn’t interfere with them. Shut down your computers, TVs, and other devices that may create an electromagnetic field in the room. This way the only things working will be the devices necessary for the thorough duct clean-up and your electronics will be ready to start working after the air is free of dust and other harmful particles.

Who offers reliable HVAC duct cleaning in Maple and the area?

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Furthermore, you can rest assured we’ll make sure your floors and appliances are completely protected during the process. Take advantage of our client-centered approach to boost indoor air quality and minimize energy costs. Whether your residence is located near Ontario Highway 400 or anywhere in the vicinity, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Call us today!