How To Know The Piping Requires A Wash

April 03, 2019Back to blog
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Having the outlets in your abode serviced and scrubbed can aid greatly towards making the whole HVAC structure more efficient and safer. Even though this is crucial, the conduit structure can be difficult to check through as a whole, meaning that it could be hard to figure out when it needs a thorough look over. In case you are having a problem with this, Sem’s Duct Cleaning is here to offer a guide on how one can tell if their vents need a checkup.

The bright side about all this is that it is very easy to tell as the signs are usually very clear especially if one knows what to be on the lookout for. However, for the few who may not have a clue, check if:

  • One cycle isn’t enough

When the ducts are blocked, it stops the dryer from doing away with dampness properly. Since this wetness ends up stuck inside, it makes the clothes remain dump, and therefore they do not get dry completely. What this does is that it forces you to put them in for two or more cycles to get them completely dry. Apart from overworking the machine, this also makes it use too much energy, which reflects in your utility bills getting higher.

  • Clothes smell musty or dank

Just as we have mentioned above, if you find that the clothes you put in smell musty or like they have mildew, it is a way of telling that the wetness in the interior is not being blown out, and that is probably due to clogged ducts. This may also make it conducive for mold to grow, which could be another source of the smell.

  • The dryer and the room are getting hot

The main reason for having conduits added to the dryer is so that they can help with getting rid of wetness, lint and also to remove heat from the clothes that are being washed. If the pipes have too much grime that has accumulated, then the conduits will not be able to perform its task efficiently, and as a result, this heat will end up in the room, and even though there is conditioning, once a person gets in, they could find it sweltering.

  • There is an acrid, burning odor

By the time you are getting to notice this, then we have moved to a worst case scenario situation. What a lot of people are not aware of is that if the conduits are completely blocked and are too filthy, then it could very easily be a fire hazard. For this reason, if you smell like something is burning once the dryer is operational, first of all, shut everything off, get a skilled person to come and inspect it, and also get in touch with duct cleaning services in Etobicoke to have the pipes cleaned to avoid future issues.

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