How To Prevent Allergies

September 20, 2018Back to blog
woman sneezing

Most allergies come up when individuals come into contact with substances such as pollen, chemicals, grime and other forms of toxins. How these hypersensitivities affect people are not the same for everyone, and some individuals may get extreme allergic reactions while others do not. However, this should not be a course for alarm because some things can be done to ward off these allergies.

Sem’s Duct Cleaning tells their clients that the first line of defense against allergens is to do away with the source of these contaminants. There are machines and equipment specially made for such tasks such as an air purifier. However, in the case of an air decontaminant, it is difficult for it to get rid of an active allergen for example, if someone was smoking, it can eliminate the smell, but it cannot do so as the cigarette is being smoked. Other items in the house such as rugs, upholstery, and drapery also gather dust and should be washed regularly or removed out to air for a while. Also, if there is an AC structure in the home or office, the filters should be changed and the ducts cleaned regularly.

Most of the tools used to purify the air are usually made in a way that is easy for people to use. In general, it is usually a box with an inbuilt fan that works either electronically or mechanically to eliminate toxins from the air that goes into the box. An easy way to understand how to operate an air purifier is to keep in mind that it only cleans the air that is taken in through the box. If the rooms you are dusting are big, then you will need more than one to get rid of dust and grime effectively.

The type of machine one should use is usually based on what they are trying to eliminate. For chemicals, activated carbon or zeolite will come in handy, electronic gear will do away with particulates, and UV machines remove microbes. Sometimes some cleaners may choose to merge all these methods.

Pollen is an allergen that affects a lot of people. One can easily get rid of it with a HEPA or an electronic system. For a HEPA system, the filters must be exchanged every five to six years for them to work effectively. Electronic ones need not be replaced, but they should be cleaned often to keep them operational.

For individuals who have weak or damaged immune systems, microbes could be an issue and a big health hazard, especially if they are very young or elderly. For this, Willowdale air duct cleaning recommends using UV light or an air decontaminant. The UV light is often paired with HEPA technology so that anything that could protect the microbes from the UV is removed.

When it comes to removing chemicals from the air, adsorption is the go-to method. A good example of this is the use of activated carbon which provides a surface for the substances to stick to and be removed. With modern technology, you will find that there are now specific mixtures that are made to fight off particular chemicals. Because of this, it is easy to get rid of the particular pollutants infesting the home. Just as with UV, HEPA is also used with this technique to prevent clogging of the adhesive substance being used.

In conclusion, the best way to avoid allergies is to look for the source and eliminate it and anything that would encourage the gathering of more pollutants.

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