How To Tell If The Dryer Vents Is A Fire Risk

February 26, 2019Back to blog
Vaughan Air Duct Cleaning Service

If someone asked you when the last time that your dryer pipes were inspected and washed, you probably would not be able to tell. Most folks are not aware that if they do not clean these out, then they could have a major fire risk in their abodes. As Sem’s Duct Cleaning, we always want to see to it that our clients are aware of, and fully comprehend this danger, and how they can keep themselves and their families safe.

Dryer vents fires are a big safety threat. Is there an issue?

  • The machine is not working as it should

The very first sign that the pipes could be blocked is that it stops executing its tasks properly. For example, the clothes may start needing more than one spin to get them all completely dry. What this is an indication of is that there is something that is stopping the heat and wetness from being expelled the way they are meant to be. If one finds that this is the case with the equipment that is in the residence, then it is advisable to clean the vents as soon as they can to prevent a fire.

  • There is a musty odor

This is a common sign, particularly if you smell the clothes after they have been washed. Also, if they are strangely hot when you touch them upon leaving the machine, then there could be an issue, and you should have it checked out.

  • One can spot rubble outside the pipes

The last thing to note is that if the conduit flap is not opening and there is grime gathering on the outside driver pipe section. This is a very good indication that all is not well in the vents and putting the dryer to continued use could very likely lead to a fire which could not only burn down the entire place but also harm those in it.

  • Accordion style vent hose

For those whose dryers come fitted with accordion-style conduit hose material as opposed to metal piping, they could also increase their chances of having a fire break out. Vaughan air duct cleaning service recommends having them replaced with duct pipe so that you can be sure that the danger has been averted.

In case one has such issues and is worried about how safe their family is, their minds can easily be put to rest by having experts come over to have a thorough look. A lot of these can be dealt with by having the unit washed, and also seeing to it that they are cleaned and maintained often to keep them in good shape and to ward off fires. Give us a call today and schedule a washing date and our able crew will come over and see to it that the issue is sorted and that the abode is once again a safe place to reside.

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