Indications Your AC Needs Maintenance

September 26, 2019Back to blog
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Air conditioning units are an essential part of nearly all homes, especially when those hot summer days come rolling around. Being a machine means some issues are bound to arise from time to time that hinders your AC from functioning as it should. The problems can be hinted by something as minor as a sound or smell to significant occurrences like a complete shutdown. In either case, you may be required to call in experts such as Sem’s Duct Cleaning service to get the device back to functioning normally. Here, we review some pointers to help you decide on when you should involve Toronto air duct cleaning professionals.


Odour is one of the easiest ways to tell that something is not right with your air conditioning system. Since the appliance is meant to blow air through the house, scents can quickly get to you when it is up and running. Such smells are an indication that your AC and vents need cleaning. The odours are often caused by leaks, which can result in the growth of mould; hence, the air begins to feel musty, and can even result in a spike in respiratory conditions to the home residents. Also, the vents could be harbouring dead pests or their excrements since small animals love them for the conducive environment they provide.

Weak Flow

Usually, the air being blown by the AC can be felt from different areas of the home. Weak flow usually means that the device is due for maintenance, and it is often caused by the buildup of dirt and debris. If this is the case, not much work is demanded to get your AC back up and running. All you’ll have to do is have a Toronto HVAC cleaning service come in and clear the airways.

Inefficient Crispness

Most air conditioning systems are controlled using a thermostat, which makes it possible to choose from a variety of temperature levels. ACs that need repairs often find it challenging to achieve the selected temperature. The air gets warmer as the appliance’s condition gets worse, which affects the quality of your home environment. Additionally, it can drive up your energy bills as your AC struggles to keep up with the entered temperature.

Noisy AC

Most modern AC function quietly or with a soft whirring sound as they blow air in your house. However, if the sound escalates to rumbling or grinding noises, it is time to call in the professionals. The root of the noise might differ and is often caused by items getting stuck in the appliance.

Moisture Leaks

This defect can be the most difficult to spot since a substantial amount of moisture is required to cause dysfunctions to your AC. Even so, most cases can easily be fixed by a cleaning company.

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