Reasons To Hire Duct Cleaners For Your Dusty House

October 09, 2018Back to blog
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Everyone who owns a house deals with dirt and debris and other allergens almost on a daily basis. There tends to be a lot of movement in our homes, with people going in and out, and this can make dust accumulate, leading to breathing problems and also affecting how well the HVAC system operates. There could be a couple of reasons as to why there always seems to be dust in your home, and Sem’s Duct Cleaning is here to help you figure them out.

Our technicians have provided vent cleaning services for over twenty years, and it is through this experience that we can help people have clean indoor air and improve on their health. The most common reasons for dust problems are usually:

  • Dusty and dirty air duct vents:

The good thing with air vents is that they do not require to be cleaned on a daily basis, or even on a monthly one, but they do need to be checked every so often to make sure there is no buildup of contaminants. If they are left uninspected for too long, things like common allergens, mildew, and dust mites may make a home out of them. When you turn on the HVAC system, all these substances get transferred into the air in the home, eventually settling on furniture and surfaces making them dirty. Apart from that, they may also affect your family’s health.

  • Filthy carpets, rugs, and other fabrics:

Draperies are notorious for holding onto dust for a long time if they are not washed. Apart from that, vacuuming mats also don’t get rid of all the dust as the carpet fibers also keep lots of dust held back. To avoid all of this, it is recommended to wash all the drapery and rugs in your house frequently.

  • Air conduit leaks:

It is important to contact professionals such as Markham air duct cleaners periodically to come and check if your pipes are in good order. When these vents become damaged, they may start leaking and end up getting in air from basements and attics which finds its way to your home accompanied by other pollutants. Apart from making the home dusty, this reduces the air quality in your home, which may trigger respiratory illnesses such as asthma as well as leave bad odors.

  • Old and poor quality air filters:

Average fiberglass air filters are known to have very little MERV (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value) indexing. This means that it is not very effective in collecting up dust. To remedy this, get filters that have a MERV of five and above, and also check that they are replaced. This helps get rid of the dust problem while helping the air conditioner run properly.

  • Unkempt dryer vents:

People do laundry all the time, but forget to clean their dryer vents. Dryers tend to have a lot of dust and lint, and even though some of it goes out, a little is always left. When it builds up, it can make the home extremely dusty while also being a fire threat.

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