Reasons to Keep Air Ducts Free of Dirt

June 26, 2019Back to blog
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Air ducts are an essential part of nearly every home since they help with the flow of air indoors. With the rising need for awareness of the dangers that come with leaving in a dusty home environment, it is essential to ensure that these tubes are kept clean. The risk factors associated with having dirty vents could end up demanding more in the long run, and they can easily be avoided by cleaning them on the regular. If your vents have not been cleared in a long time, here are some of the things that they could be harboring, most of which could affect your wellness.


One of the main reasons people clean their homes is to keep pesky animals out. However, even if you maintain a high level of cleanliness in your home but pay no attention to the vents, you most probably have a pest problem.

Small animals such as cockroaches, spiders, snakes, rats, and squirrels like to use the tubes as a hiding spot due to the warmth and safety they provide. With them habiting these channels, they make them even dirtier with urine, feces, and some of them die in the spaces. These pollutants make the air that you breathe dirty and risky to your health. When the vents are cleaned, all these pests are eliminated.


This element is the most common pollutant in homes. If an area remains unattended for a long time, it will be covered in a layer of dust, and the same thing happens with your vents. Dust is a big hindrance to proper breathing for people who suffer from allergies, and it can also put you at risk of getting them yourself if you have yet to contract one. Having duct cleaning services in Gormley take care of the issue at least once a year ensures the air you breathe is safe. Additionally, identify any sources of dust in the house and deal with them accordingly to ensure they are no longer a problem.


These products are commonly used as insulators for the tubes, and failing to maintain the structures can lead to the chemicals mixing with the air traveling through and end up in your home environment. Breathing in these chemicals can result in allergies like in the case of dust. Long term exposure can be even riskier as they are causal factors for terminal illnesses like lung cancer.


Mold is also a common thing to find in clogged vents. If they are left unattended for too long, you may begin noticing dizzy spells and headaches with yourself or other people living in the house. Avoid such cases by having someone take a look at them regularly.

The importance of cleaning these tubes cannot be underplayed, and you need to reach out to a company that understands what they are doing. Sem’s Duct Cleaning carries the experience required to complete the task.

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