Benefits of working with Sem’s air duct cleaning services are:

  • Do a multi-point system check
  • We conduct a thorough preliminary check on the functioning of your system.
  • We treat your home carefully. If necessary, folding sheets, sliding covers, corner guards, and maintenance hole covers are used.
  • Complete system cleaning. Clean the oven fan and fan housing.
  • Dual-zone cleaning. The system is cleaned in “zones” by a safe cleaning method.
  • Professional finishing. We clean the outside of your oven and seal the access panels for convenient later access.


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We attach the utmost importance to cleaning your air ducts. With this, our technology expert thoroughly reviews and evaluates air duct problems before moving on to the easiest and safest way to clean it and other air duct cleaning requirements. We notice that a higher percentage, if not all homes in Uxbridge, have unique air duct characteristics. Our cleaning technology expert will carefully guide you through the cleaning completion procedures in no time.

Suppose you want the best and most efficient duct cleaning methods. In that case, Sem’s Duct Cleaning at Uxbridge offers them for you because we believe in providing standard services to all our customers and potential customers, with maximum satisfaction at no extra cost. Using safe oven and air duct cleaning methods to ensure the benefits of cleaning old-fashioned cleaning with direct contact surfaces ensures modern pneumatic cleaning systems’ safety.

The five most common problems with HVAC are:

We are a Uxbridge duct cleaning company that can proffer excellent solutions to all your ducts problems.

  • Poor indoor air quality (IAQ), which causes odors
  • Sounds unfamiliar to your HVAC
  • Uneven heating and cooling throughout the building resulting in improper air circulation
  • Loss of system efficiency
  • An unexpected increase in heating and cooling costs

Details on the operation of Uxbridge air duct cleaning services can be provided by calling one of the Sem’s Duct Cleaning experts.

You will experience modern duct cleaning with modern expertise that will delight you.


Reduces irritants in the air

Other harmful contaminating microorganisms such as animal dandruff, bacteria, pollen, and / or molds also hide in the airways and transmit the air you breathe.

Improves efficiency

Make a cleaner system your goal. The cleanest systems work efficiently, work at the peak, and provide profitable performance all year round.

Creates a cleaner environment

A clean environment is right for you. Turning on the system improves duct circulation in your living environment.

Removes odors

A thorough cleaning of the air ducts can be achieved, giving you a fresher home scent and fresh air to breathe.


Our services:

Types of buildings in Uxbridge:

  • Warehouses, industrial buildings, and commercial premises

  • Commercial offices: skyscrapers, low rise, and ground floor

  • Retail stores, supermarkets, restaurants, cafes, high school, small production and production premises, laundry

  • Medical buildings and hospitals, Homes for the elderly, long-term care institutions, nursing homes

  • Schools; Primary, secondary, public, private; Kindergarten

  • Buildings and real estate, skyscrapers, rental property

  • Townhouses without elevators, low-rise buildings, houses, apartments, attics, residential buildings

  • Buildings, houses, flats, and story buildings after construction

    *You can contact us if your building type is not on the list above to start preparations.

Why Trust Sem’s Duct Cleaning In Uxbridge For Cleaning Your Air Ducts?

Our technicians are selected here at Sem’s Duct Cleaning in Uxbridge and are certified, professionals. Our pride is our guarantee that we provide certified team members with a strong inclination and ability to use all modern equipment and equipment available on the market. We will never put you at a disadvantage with all the guarantees above or let you guess what you need to do. We will answer all the questions that bother you about the ways of cleaning the canal and the procedure.

The quality and service we provide are not diminished. We provide the same quality of service the first, second, third, or tenth time ... as much as you need our service, we provide the same quality. We do our best to provide a concise and satisfactory air duct cleaning service. We prepare well for your work every time, ensure that all doors and windows are airtight, and then finish work on the air duct before leaving. We turn all stones to evoke maximum satisfaction.

We create vacuuming in the ducts with our truck vacuum cleaner where all the waste will be drawn into the truck bed, removing all the dirt from your office or home. With this vacuuming, dirt, residues, and allergens are easily vacuumed in a few minutes. So, we cover you in a few minutes.

We use various professional cleaning tools with powerful capabilities to remove any remaining dirt without damaging the duct structure. We accept the use of a 300 psi peeling tool to remove debris after vacuuming. We do this immediately after vacuuming the dirt.

What will we do when we finish cleaning the canal? We start air washing drop by drop, filters, fan, and other parts of the air conditioning system. Regardless of the nature of the canal or location, our Sem's Duct Cleaning team will provide an effective and superior cleaning service. You can contact us today for a free evaluation of the canal cleaning job in Uxbridge. Besides professional air duct cleaning services, we also offer galvanized steel access panels on the suction pipe openings. We do this installation immediately; complete it even before you fulfill your payment promises.

Duct Cleaning Process - steps by Sem’s Duct Cleaning


At Sem’s Duct Cleaning we guarantee

a cleaner and healthier air duct after a scheduled cleaning service with our professional cleaning team in Uxbridge.


Blast Vacuum

Using the Truck-Vac system, we perform duct cleaning services by vacuuming all dust and mold particles for superior duct cleaning. Of all the other methods adopted, this is one of the most powerful in the Uxbridge area.


Skilled Workforce

At Sem’s Duct Cleaning Service, we bring you only our best, well-trained cleaning technicians. In doing so, we offer you guaranteed satisfaction on every cleaning task.


Planning and Preparation

We’ve set up a few plans before we start cleaning your air ducts. We have devised an appropriate course of action that will avoid poor performance. We do this by covering the floors, ensuring the door’s suitability, and preparing your furniture for the procedure.


Unavoidable Air Pressure

To make sure our Truck-Vac sucks all the duct waste into the vacuum layer, we use 8ft negative air pressure vacuum tubes when cleaning.

Duct Cleaning Process - steps by Sem’s Duct Cleaning


Scrub Clean

Our 300 psi cleaning tools help to remove any remaining dust or debris physically. We use it in vacuum cleaners.


Cover Cleaning

Our equipment also can clean the inside and outside the duct, clean the grill lids and drips.


The Essentials

To provide a complete service system, we take care of air flushing and suction system drip HVAC system, filter housing, fan and interior ‘cabinet.


The Grand Finale

After cleaning is complete, our team installs a new glossy galvanized access panel over the vacuum hose openings.

How To Prepare For Your Cleaning Appointment

A day or two before the appointed date, we will call you to confirm the validity of all your details. These details include the cleaning address and the quote you ordered –during the process, you can ask questions via telephone or email.


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What Should You Do Before the Arrival of Our Professionals

Clean The Duct Cleaning Workspace

It would be best to get rid of the clutter around the areas you will be working on. Insist on properly cleaning the rooms before arrival, as this makes it easier for air quality technicians to accommodate your home. Highlight the total number of fans that technicians must work on to calculate costs when preparing parts.

Consider The Safety Of Your Pet

Inform your mercenaries about your pets at home as you need to consider their safety during the cleaning process. What you should do if you have a single room, clean it first to secure your pet. But if your pet is at home, you need to inform the technician about the precautions to be taken.

Decide Whether To Stay Home Or Hit The Neighborhood

Duct cleaning can be noisy, and with sensitive baby ears, you may not want to see them there. It would be best if you decide this before the air duct cleaning technician arrives, whether you keep your children at home or leave the property during the cleaning process. If you want to inspect the works, you must inform the technician.

Interesting Facts!!!

Did you know that:

  • 1939 Packard launches the first car with optional air conditioning. Although due to its high price, it was not too popular as the evaporator and ventilation system occupied half of the trunk.
  • Electric fans produce a “cold wind effect” by evaporating sweat from the skin and lowering body temperature. They cool the air a bit but have been used as precursors to modern air conditioners.
  • The risk of dying on extremely hot summer days has been reduced by more than 80 percent over the last 50 years through the use of air conditioning. Statistics have shown this connection after the adoption of air conditioning.