Ridding Your Home of Vent Leaks

July 19, 2019Back to blog
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At some point, you may realize that you are paying higher charges for heating and cooling than usual. In most instances of the kind, people rush to find replacements for their air conditioning units along with new heating units. However, the root of the problem might not be in your HVAC system, but the vents that connect them to your indoors. If you find yourself in a similar spot, be sure to check whether your duct has leaked before proceeding to make any appliance replacements.

Air duct leaks line up as some of the top reasons for the lack of efficiency in your home cooling and heating system. These issues cause the unit to perform using higher energy than usual to keep up with the set temperature. In the long run, overworking the device can have its efficiency drop by up to twenty percent. Additionally, you’ll find that you have to live it on for longer to achieve your desired results. Even with such aggravated consequences, air leaks in these channels can be fixed easily with the help of Thornhill air duct cleaning services. Below we shed some light on some of the issues these leaks can cause as well as steps to fix them.

Issues Resulting from Leaking Ducts

A leak in air ducts may not seem like a big issue, but it can be the source of more than one problem in your home including;

  • Low-grade air

A tear in these channels can quickly become an entry point for all sorts of contaminants such as dust, debris, mold, mildew, and others. Once the AC is up and running, these elements are blown around your home and bring down the quality of your surroundings. The result will be heightened cases of asthma attacks and allergies if you suffer from the conditions. Even healthy individuals can develop health problems, especially those of the respiratory system.

  • Recurrent repairs

Leaks may have you calling in a team of experts more often than usual to have a look at your heating and cooling system. Additionally, the tubes will have to be cleaned out more than necessary.

  • Bigger bills

Leaks in your ducts result in the poor circulation of air around the house. Therefore, the AC uses more power to make up for this shortcoming, which results in having to pay more for utilities.

Mending the Issue

It is crucial to curb vent leaks as soon as you notice any of the signs above and confirm the problem’s presence. Some of the ways they can be combated include;

  • Examination

The first step to taking care of these leaks is assessing the channels to check and see their source. During this time, the thermostat should be running. Check every part of the ductwork even after finding the cause to see if there are others. You can have this done by professionals like Sem’s Duct Cleaning when they come to clean the channels.

  • Insulation

The foil-backed tape can be used to seal unwanted entry points easily. Mastic can also be used in the place of this tool. Once it is in place, you can go over it with foil to ensure the insulation lasts a long time.

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