Saving Money With A High-Efficiency Furnace

October 31, 2018Back to blog
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No matter where you go, people are always in search of ways to save on cash, especially when it’s the winter season. It is no secret that installing heaters can be quite expensive, and the most commonly asked question that Sem’s Duct Cleaning gets is if getting a higher efficiency heater will help save money.

A good way to figure out if it is worth it is to go through the prices. On average, people spend around a hundred and fifty dollars a month to keep the HVAC system running. Most of these have an Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency of eighty if they are part of models gotten over the past ten years. With an AFUE of eighty, it means that for every dollar used on heating, twenty cents goes to waste.

With new designs coming up, upgrading to one with an AFUE of ninety-five, just over the government required ninety, might be the best thing for you. This means that one can end up saving over twenty-two dollars and fifty cents, which is fifteen percent of the one hundred and fifty dollars. It may look like a small sum, but if you calculate it over the years, it is quite a tidy sum. A well-serviced heating system can run for up to fifteen years, which in the long run makes up for the initial investment.

Nonetheless, heating costs vary with each household, and these calculations are just but an example. Some approximations state that one can save over forty percent on the charges. Scarborough air duct cleaning advises their clients to:

  • Make use of the gas bills and the furnace they have to help get accurate calculations.
  • Get in touch with a proficient HVAC expert and get them to have a look and answer any queries you may have.

Aside from helping you reduce the amount of money, there are also plenty of other advantages that come from this upgrade such as:

  • It keeps the furnace in top shape

Getting a new heater, especially since winter is almost here, assures you that you will have an easy time getting your house warm enough. Along with yearly checkups by a trained crew, your heater will be able to serve you for a long time, as well as work at prime capacity.

  • It makes for a quieter home

For some people, turning the heating system becomes a headache because of all the rattle and noise that comes along with it. This forces them to accept living with the horrible noise, or deal with a hot or extremely cold house. For higher efficiency ones, this will never be an issue due to the upgraded technology that comes with them, and you can be sure of a quiet abode.

  • It is environmental friendly

Higher efficiency translates to less pollution of the environment, which along with the other pros, is a win for you.

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