Should You Start a Career as a HVAC Technician?

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A lot of high school students struggle when it comes to selecting a career. Some people can’t afford college, some aren’t interested in it at all. For teenagers, choosing a career is an especially difficult task, especially when they don’t have any idea of the next step to take.

Many of these students opt for a career in HVAC. But why is this so? What are the key advantages of becoming a HVAC technician? That’s what we’ll be discussing in the following article. Read on.

Why should you become a HVAC technician?

Working as a HVAC technician can actually be exciting, as there’s a lot of variety in the types of projects they undertake. From installing and replacing HVAC systems, to performing extensive checkups and repairs, to carrying out regular maintenance and cleaning, there are many different tasks these experts can perform.

This keeps the job interesting and ensures that the technicians never know what they’re going to be doing next. Furthermore, in the HVAC industry, new technologies are constantly being developed so there’s always an opportunity to learn new things.

Here are some of the key perks of being a HVAC technician:

It pays well

HVAC technicians can earn a pretty penny, especially once they’ve accumulated a lot of experience. Because of high demand for HVAC services, they also have the opportunity to work part time as private HVAC consultants and technicians during off days.

It’s in demand

There’s a lot of demand for HVAC technicians all across Canada. Since almost all residential commercial buildings are equipped with HVAC systems, the need for HVAC services is always high. What’s more, HVAC systems will keep evolving in the upcoming years, increasing the need for specialized workers.

Freelance work is possible

If you’re considering working freelance, being a HVAC technician is a very good option. No one will supervise you at all times. You get to set your own rules. Although there are some disadvantages to freelancing, it’s still a great choice for many HVAC technicians.

Earning while learning

The training process for a HVAC technician includes a lot of practice and hands-on experience at actual HVAC companies. This means that you get to actually do real work – and make money – while you’re still in school.

Positive impact on the environment

HVAC technicians help protect the planet by installing dehumidifiers, energy-saving thermostats, heat pumps that reduce carbon emissions, and other green systems. This not only makes modern HVAC systems more eco-friendly, but more energy efficient as well.

You get to work with your hands

If you dislike the idea of working in an office, opting for a career in HVAC may be the ideal choice for you. The job keeps you in motion and out in the field at all times, making it a great path for people who want to be physically active throughout the day.

It’s fulfilling

Working as a HVAC technician, you get to actively make your fellow Canadians’ lives better by equipping their homes and workplaces with modern systems that will keep them comfortable for many years to come. What’s more, you get to work alongside like-minded individuals and to meet new people all the time.

Why should you become a HVAC technician

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