Why should you opt for Sem's Duct Cleaning?

Over the last three decades, our company has continuously proven its dedication to customer satisfaction and shown adherence to the highest level of industry standards. We’ve been providing good indoor air quality to Toronto area residents and can proudly offer its services as one of the leading residential air duct cleaning companies in Stouffville. We devote the utmost attention to each job to make sure that it’s done right. We can perform:

  • Air filter assessment
  • Thermostat testing
  • Airflow evaluation
  • Air leak detection
  • Examination of your compressor
  • Heater, furnace, & humidifier checkup
  • Equipment assessment

Improve your indoor air quality with our professional help!

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Take advantage of professional residential AC duct cleaning in Stouffville

Lower energy bills

Without air conditioning duct cleaning, dirt accumulates, clog up the filters, and put extra strain on your HVAC system by limiting airflow. This causes an increase in energy consumption and, in turn, higher electricity bills.

Healthier indoor air

Over time ductwork gets filled up with dust, mold, grime, or pollen particles – all of which can affect your family’s health, particularly if anybody is suffering from allergies or respiratory issues.

Cleaner home and electronics

Dirty HVAC systems spread dust and other dirt all over your home. This can be the cause of an unpleasant odor, but it can also damage electronic appliances and your other belongings.

Fewer repairs

Grimy heating and cooling systems will break down more frequently or have a shorter lifespan than those kept in good condition by regular maintenance.

Our perfected approach to residential duct cleaning


Modern booking system

It only takes a minute to get a precise quote and book an appointment on any device with internet access using an intuitive form.


Customized solutions

After a thorough examination of your system, we’ll prepare a tailored plan for the specific layout and type of your HVAC system.


Floor protection

To protect your flooring from any potential damage, we use floor runners, corner guards, and vent magnets during our residential AC duct cleaning in Stouffville.


Furniture safety

Our specialists will cover furniture located in the area of the clean-up to prevent debris and dirt from causing any potential damage. This doesn’t take more than 15-30 minutes.

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Toronto Residential Air Duct Cleaning _ How We Work _ Best in GTA

Thorough dusting
Powerful equipment is used to blow out the dirt and debris from inside the air duct, and we use advanced devices to quickly remove it from every canal and vacuum it into our van.


Pneumatic brushing
We utilize a compressed air rotating brush to loosen up any dirt buildup in your ductwork and push the debris through the vacuum hose with a reverse nozzle.


Final details
We’ll finalize the process by carefully wiping down all the return and supply vents in your home. First-time clients will get a new vacuum hose access plate.


Transparent pricing
Our pricing system leaves no room for any guessing or hidden costs. You’ll know what you’re paying for right from the start and there’ll be no unexpected expenses.


Wide service area
Our residential AC duct cleaning team is available far beyond Stouffville. We operate in most nearby cities and across the whole GTA area.

We serve an array of residential properties

  • Houses
  • Apartments
  • Rentals
  • Cabins
  • Newly renovated spaces
  • Condos

*Even if your Stouffville residence doesn’t fall into any of the listed categories, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We’ll do our best to find a solution for your residential air conditioning duct cleaning needs, and ensure client satisfaction by coming up with an individualized plan.

Aside from residential AC duct cleaning, rely on us for:

  • Central vacuum cleaning
  • Pick-up and delivery for carpet cleaning

Our skilled and qualified crew can help you keep your indoor air healthy and fresh.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most experts agree that the perfect time for residential air duct cleaning is either spring – before people start using HVAC systems for cooling, or early fall – before they start heating. However, if your ducts are truly dirty, you should get them cleaned as soon as possible, before they cause any damage, either by breaking down or by affecting someone’s health.

If you’re having problems with bad odor in your house in Stouffville, cleaning your air ducts could help improve the situation. Ductwork distributes and spreads air to all the rooms of your home, so if it’s dirty, any present dust, mold, or allergens, will circulate everywhere.

This is possible but not recommended. Aside from not having adequate equipment, you may also hurt yourself or somebody else, or cause damage to your system. Unless you already have extensive residential duct cleaning experience, it’s better to leave this task to professionals.

This will depend on who performs the task. If done right by experienced professionals who know how to use all the necessary equipment and how to protect your home and furniture from getting dirty, it doesn’t have to be messy at all. Careful and reliable professionals will perform thorough air duct cleaning and leave your home tidy, your ducts clean and your indoor air fresh.

After nearly 30 years of experience and top-notch service, Sem’s duct cleaning can proudly offer a highly-professional residential AC duct cleaning service across the Toronto area. The combination of experienced technicians and modern, brand-new equipment guarantees a meticulously executed job and a high level of customer satisfaction. Our reliable team can also offer:

If you need more information about our services or wish to book an appointment, give us a call and our team will do their best to accommodate your needs whether you live near Nineteen On The Park or closer to Musselman’s Lake. Get in touch with us today.

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Some of the services might not be available at all times. Please contact us for more information related to your specific HVAC cleaning needs.