The Cost-Effective Benefits of Commercial Duct Cleaning for Businesses

September 22, 2023Back to blog
commercial air duct cleaning

This article will explain the long-term cost-saving and health benefits of regular commercial duct cleaning for businesses and why businesses should consider it a vital investment rather than an expense.

The critical role of HVAC systems in maintaining a conducive work environment

HVAC systems can have several positive effects on a workplace.

  • Productivity: Making sure there are noiseless systems thanks to commercial air duct cleaning services and no erratic temperatures throughout the day increases productivity, morale, and, subsequently, earnings for a company.
  • Morale: Having a comfortable work environment can boost employee motivation and quality of work. By duct cleaning commercial buildings, employees can increase retention as well.
  • Air quality: Commercial HVAC systems boost the air quality in a building. Companies can remove impurities with commercial duct cleaning services and ensure that health remains optimized in any office space.

Given the important role of an HVAC system in a commercial space, companies need to view commercial duct cleaning as a positive investment with cost-saving implications.

Why commercial duct cleaning is essential for businesses

For businesses, commercial air duct cleaning services are essential to the health and safety of employees. Neglecting regular cleaning could lead to health problems, lower productivity, higher turnover rates, and more.

commercial air duct cleaning

Energy Savings

A clean air duct system contributes significantly to the effectiveness of your HVAC system. With duct cleaning, commercial buildings benefit from improved function, and this directly translates to energy savings.

  • Businesses can save up to 35% on their energy bill simply by hiring out commercial air duct cleaning regularly.
  • Cleaning the coils in an HVAC system can save up to 15% on energy bills.
  • Changing air filters can equal up to another 15%.

How is this possible? HVAC systems can only be efficient when they are maintained and regularly cleaned. Something as simple as a dirty filter means that as air is brought into the system to be cleaned, there isn’t enough space in the filter to pass through quickly, so it takes longer to get through the system and be cleaned before it exits. This longer time frame forces the system to work harder and expend more power, which directly translates to more money.

Similarly, a clog in your system works the same way as a clog in your artery: it forces the system to pump even harder to get the same result. With an HVAC system, that effort means more money, but if you use commercial duct cleaning services, you get energy savings instead.

Extended Equipment Life

When an HVAC system has things like dirty filters or clogs, a rodent infestation, or mold build up along the interior of the walls, it compromises the amount of space through which air can be pushed, which forces the system to work harder than it should.

In the long term, this causes damage to the motor, which means it will have to be replaced sooner.

In the short term, this causes the need for premature replacements in other costly repairs when things like fans or motors eventually burn out because there hasn’t been any duct cleaning.

For example:

  • If you notice that your return grills or your air filters are regularly dirty even though you replaced them, this is an indication that the rest of the ductwork needs severe cleaning and the entire air duct system of your building is dirty. By not hiring commercial air duct cleaning services when you see these signs, your system will work harder than it needs to, all the while leading to compromised indoor air quality.
  • Similarly, if you notice a lack of airflow, there could be obstructions like animal nests, bodies, dust, mold, or other debris. This can lead to compromised function and the need for replacements and repairs sooner than otherwise necessary without cleaning.
  • If there is a foul smell in your building and regular cleaning of the office space doesn’t seem to fix it, it could be indicative of animal droppings in your system or even an animal that passed away. Getting rid of infestations from rodents and insects can extend the lifespan of your equipment.

Health & Productivity

Without regular cleaning, an HVAC system can fall victim to several problems:

  • Pests can infiltrate the HVAC duct system and leave hair or nesting materials in the ducts that find their way into the air employees breathe.
  • In the worst of cases, rodents or insects might pass away in the vent, and those particles can negatively impact air quality without cleanup.
  • Water leaks or high humidity can contribute to mold growth. When mold releases spores, they get circulated through the ductwork, and this can increase allergies and asthma in employees, resulting in more days off, more sick days, reduced productivity, reduced morale, and risk of workers’ compensation claims.

Investing in commercial air duct cleaning can enhance employee morale and productivity. Moreover, you can reduce health-related absenteeism, which directly correlates to higher productivity, work output, and profits.

Avoiding Regulatory Fines

Meeting health and safety standards is imperative. Companies can avoid regulatory fines that can eat away at any profits with commercial air duct cleaning. These fines can be levied against companies that have inefficient air filtration, poor indoor air quality, and increased risks of health concerns among employees.

commercial air duct cleaning

Frequency for commercial duct cleaning

Knowing all the benefits of commercial duct cleaning services, it’s also important to know how often the service should be used.

  1. Firstly, if your business has been at its current location and at no point have you had professional duct cleaning, you should do that immediately.
  2. Secondly, if your business has just moved to a new location, it’s still worth investing in commercial duct cleaning services just to make sure everything starts off on the right foot.
  3. Finally, after that, a general rule is to have your commercial air duct cleaning scheduled at least once every couple of years.

Note: While you might hire out professional commercial duct cleaning every few years, it’s still up to you and your company to maintain the HVAC system with regular DIY cleaning, including attention to specific pollutants that are common in commercial environments, indications of a clog, and regular filter replacement.

Summing Up

An air duct cleaning service can make a huge difference in the quality of your HVAC system. But with residential air duct cleaning services, it’s still up to you to select the best company possible and make an informed decision based on things like certifications, insurance, cost, warranty, and more.