Ventilating a Dryer by Passing the Vent Across a Roof

July 11, 2018Back to blog
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A great deal of oversights is made when venting dryers unprofessionally in Toronto. One of these errors is venting a dryer through the roof. It isn’t fitting to vertically put a vent due to the prospective risks such as fire. Fire, if a vent is left unchecked, can be a calamity that might strike your home. Inefficiencies of venting a dryer on the roof include:

  • Roof Damage

A hose in the roof can destroy your home’s roof due to damming of the water. Adverse, sundry weather can dam the roof, notably during the rainy season. This triggers off a permeable roof. A leaking roof incurs additional expenses to homeowners due to repairs.

  • Hurdle during Vent Cleaning

Your dryer must be cleaned all the time to dispose of the lint that mounts up. The procedure of dusting the dryer is habitually easy as one pulls the lint out from the exit of the vent. A vertical vent, over the rooftop, makes the procedure fairly hard as one would require access to the rooftop. This makes cleaning problematic and can only be efficiently handled by a proficient Barrie Duct Cleaning Service.

Lint all over the vent is an impending fire peril. If not done away with at the screen of the dryer outlet, it poses a threat as well. Cleaning a dryer vent, one needs to carefully be able to reach the vent’s exit without posing any risk to themselves. The main reason a vent is placed at the edge of the household and close to reaching, near the round is for easy reach while eradicating lint.

  • Drainage of water vapor to the rear of the dryer

A vent on the rooftop steadily gathers dense warm air which tickles inside to the dryer rather than outdoors. This usually prompts accumulation of supplementary lint and also incubates a breeding place for molds in the dryer. The moisture also coats the wall edges and leads to mildew. Molds and mildew in the dryer are an inherent health risk to homeowners. Additional lint is also collected as a result of this, and this possesses a latent fire hazard together with enhancing the premature sullying of the system. The presence of lint and molds create a poor enclosed air atmosphere, which is also a potential platform for the spread of airborne diseases, allergies, and asthmas.

Cleansing the dryer conduit in Toronto

It is recommended that a vent ought to get installed in a horizontal flow hence the reason that most washing areas are placed on the 2nd floor of a two-story house with exceptions if the washing room is directly next to a peripheral wall. If the washing room is directly next to an external divider, the constructors will have to exhaust the hose through the ceiling.

In as much as venting through the rooftop isn’t suggested, with normal dusting the vent can work proficiently. It is however suggested that for vents on the roof, to avert risks associated with cleaning and repairs of the outlet, professionals should be contacted. This is also best because they will assess aptitude risks associated with the location of the vent.

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