What To Ask The Air Duct Cleaners in Kitchener

March 26, 2019Back to blog
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Settling on which crew to contact to come and wash the pipes of your abode or job place can be a headache, and most people may not be up to it. There is a lot to research on such as knowing which company will give you value for your money, trustworthy and also one that won’t cost an arm and a leg. On the bright side, this does not have to cause you any more sleepless nights as Sem’s Duct Cleaning is here to assist you. Below are some of the things that one can inquire from the crew they wish to contract to be certain that they are the best fit.

  1. How do they conduct the air duct cleaning process?

Even though it may look like they do the same thing, air duct cleaning companies differ when it comes to how they handle their jobs. All crews should have a certificate. Ask about the type of equipment they use as this will also be an indication of their level of expertise. Also, if they say that they can carry out the task in less than an hour, they might be a scam as it takes a little longer than that to get to all sections. Be very wary about who you hire as you do not want to waste money on poor services.

  1. Do they have cover and are they certified?

Avoid employing any company that is uninsured and uncertified as you can be certain that they will do a shady job and overprice you as well. When a crew is certified, it means that they have gone through all the necessary hours of industry training and has signed a code of conduct that makes sure their operations are ethical and serve the customers well. This is a positive sign that they will be able to execute the job correctly as they are trained and also have the skill. One can also be sure that they will only use environmentally friendly techniques to wash the piping instead of harmful chemicals that could be dangerous when inhaled.

  1. Why should you choose to work with Kitchener air duct cleaners?

Whatever your choice is, they should make sure that their services are timely, efficient and safe. It is also important that there are reviews about them so that one can see that what they say is actually what they give to their clients. Go online and look for them, and also ask friends and family who may have engaged them if they are a decent choice.

A professional duct cleaning company such as Kitchener HVAC cleaning should also give a free estimate that has costs and the time. It is better to get these from some crews before picking on one, that way one will be able to compare and get the best one.

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