How To Save Energy While You’re Away on Vacation

April 08, 2022Back to blog
What should I unplug when on vacation

Going on a vacation is always fun and exciting. Whether it’s a family holiday, an annual getaway, or a weekend out of town, a leisure trip is an opportunity to unwind and enjoy yourself. Just don’t forget to set your home’s HVAC system up properly before you leave.

To help you make your vacation as stress-free as possible, we’ve prepared a list of energy-saving tips that you can use to protect your HVAC equipment and reduce your home’s power expenditures while you’re away for prolonged periods of time. Keep reading to learn more.

What is the best temperature for HVAC in winter?

During cold months, expert HVAC technicians recommend setting the heating system no lower than 55 degrees. Going lower than that can cause the pipes in your home to freeze. During warmer seasons, do not turn the cooling system off. Set a temperature of 80-85 degrees to save energy on air conditioning. This will prevent high humidity levels that increase the risk of mold and mildew.

Upgrading to a programmable thermostat to control the settings is also a great idea. You can monitor and control the temperature of your home remotely, so you may set it to your prefered temperature before you return.

Should you close all blinds and curtains when you’re away?

Yes. Another way to help save energy while you’re gone is to close the blinds and curtains before you leave. In the summer, this will help block out sunlight, keeping your home cooler. In the winter, closed curtains can help hold the heat in, making it easier for your home to stay warm.

Should you leave the lights on when you’re away?

For security reasons, you don’t want to leave your home completely dark for the entire time you’re away on vacation. But leaving lights on 24/7 is a waste of energy. Using timers to turn a few lights on and off in the evening can save energy while making your home seem like it’s occupied.

What should I unplug when on vacation?

Did you know that your television is still consuming electricity even when it’s not turned on? That’s true for your other plugged-in appliances and electronics too. Another way to save energy when you leave town is to take a few minutes to unplug anything that doesn’t need to be plugged in while you’re gone.

If devices are plugged into a surge protector, you can just switch it off to get the same effect. Not only will this save energy, it can help protect your electronics and appliances in case there’s a power surge while you’re gone. This will also help reduce the risk of a fire.

Should I turn off my water heater when I’m on vacation?

Not necessarily. Many water heaters have a “Vacation” setting. Switching to this setting will lower the temperature that your water heater is hovering at, which will save energy. Just be sure to switch your water heater back to its regular setting when you return, and allow the water to warm up fully before using it.

Although you may be tempted to shut your water heater off completely, keep in mind that gas water heaters will need their pilot light relit, often by a professional HVAC technician. And if it’s during the winter, shutting down your water heater can increase the risk of frozen pipes. Simply lowering the temperature or using vacation mode instead can save energy and help you avoid those issues.

What is the best temperature for HVAC in winter

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