Problems That Come From Not Cleaning AC Ducts

December 01, 2022Back to blog
What happens if you don't clean your air ducts?

Although air ducts are an important part of any HVAC system, people tend to forget that cleaning them is essential for keeping these systems in good shape. Many people either forget to sanitize their ductwork or perform the process when it’s too late. 

Neglecting this type of clean-up can lead to various issues that can threaten the operation of the whole system, and even jeopardize the occupants’ health and comfort. In the following article, we’ll discuss what these problems are and how effective AC duct cleaning in Maple can help you avoid them. Keep reading to learn more.

What happens if you don’t clean your air ducts?

Who can I hire for dependable AC duct cleaning in Maple & the region?

If you’re not sure whether you should prepare your home and budget for an AC duct cleaning, take a look at these 6 problems that can occur if you don’t sanitize your ducts regularly:

Respiratory infections

Accumulation of bacteria, viruses, dirt, dust, and grime inside your HVAC system causes these harmful particles to spread throughout the air. These contaminants increase the risk of respiratory problems such as asthma, coughing, heavy breathing, sinus infections, and others. 


If you or your family members have allergies, you should bear in mind that dust, mold, and pollen also build up inside your ductwork. When they spread through air, these substances can trigger or prolong allergy symptoms. Sanitize your ducts regularly to protect your and your loved ones’ health.

Blocked or diminished airflow

Whether you want to cool or heat your home, you want the air to run smoothly through your HVAC system. When your ducts become clogged with dirt and grime, it blocks and diminishes the airflow. If you want maximum airflow, make sure to regularly clean your ducts.


When your ducts are neglected for a long time, they can become a perfect home for pests and rodents. Dust, dirt, and dampness inside your air conduits make it a breeding ground for mice, rats, cockroaches, and other unwanted guests.

Increased energy bills

If you want your HVAC system to operate in an energy-efficient way, you should make sure it’s sanitized regularly and properly. By performing regular air duct cleaning you make sure your item doesn’t overwork itself and ensure you spend less on your energy bills.

Bad odor

Over time, your dirty and moist air ducts become a perfect environment for mold and mildew which can bring a musty and unpleasant smell into your residence. Although you may get used to it eventually, your guests will definitely notice it when they enter.

HVAC system malfunction

When not sanitizing and maintaining your HVAC system regularly, it starts to burn out more quickly and becomes prone to breakdowns and malfunction. If you want to extend the lifespan of your heating and cooling system, make sure to give it a proper treatment at least once per year.

Who can I hire for dependable AC duct cleaning in Maple & the region?

If you’re looking for a reliable and professional crew to thoroughly sanitize your ductwork, Sem’s Duct Cleaning is your choice. With years of experience in this industry and numerous happy clients, we possess the knowledge and expertise necessary to clean up your vents in an efficient and prompt way. 

Our streamlined and meticulously delivered plan is completed using high-quality equipment and tried-and-tested methods. From effortless booking and protecting your belongings to rotary brushing and wiping your vents, you can rest assured you’ll be fully satisfied with every part of the winter cleaning process.

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