When To Get Conduits Cleaned

December 17, 2018Back to blog
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A lot of individuals usually do not think about checking their air pipes and assume that they are in good shape. These persons fail to understand that as the days go by, grime, dirt, animal droppings, debris, and mildew gather in the ducts, and every once the HVAC system is turned on, these pollutants end up getting into the home. Apart from making indoor air unfit, they also end up obstructing the conduits, thus making them work at a less than optimum capacity. If this is left unchecked, it will end up costing you a lot of cash for energy bills or the entire system to be repaired due to damage.

How regularly should the pipes be cleaned?

One might think that the solution is to but expensive and top-notch filters, but even with these, filth is still bound to gather in the vents. Some impurities will find a way to get past the filter or get into the structure from other parts so do not be fooled into thinking that just because there is an air filter, the conduits do not require routine cleaning. If you stay at a place that is prone to pollution, has construction going on or experiences strong winds and a lot of dust, then the pipes will take in this grime and end up blocking them and lowering the quality of the indoor air once they are switched on.

Sem’s Duct Cleaning advises their clients that they need to get their vents inspected and washed at least after two to five years. When the HVAC system is well taken care of, and the air filter switched at least twice a year, then one can be able to space out the appointments, and have the experts come over less. If the piping in your abode has not been washed yet and has been operating for over three years, then it is high time to have a look at it. All it takes is one season to gather enough grime in there to lower its effectiveness compared to the first time it was put in.

When to clean the air duct system

Checking that the entire system is in order and dirt-free does not require much time compared to having to replace the whole thing. Nonetheless, one still needs to schedule a day with professional air duct cleaners such as Vaughan air duct cleaning so that they can come over and have the pipes inspected and washed. It is recommended to have this done right before the season when the HVAC structure will be in operation such as before winter or summer.

If you find that there is a musty odor when the structure is turned on, then this could be a sign that things are not well in there, even though the smell goes away after a while. This shows that there are impurities in the conduits which are being blown out into the house, which may cause health complications.

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