When To Get A New Heater

November 02, 2018Back to blog
Aurora Air Duct Cleaners

When the winter season is around the corner, most people wonder when it is appropriate to get a new heater. Sem’s Duct Cleaning always tells its clients that is varied from home to home depending on:

  • How willing they are to risk an unexpected breakdown
  • The amount of money spent on energy bills
  • The financial plan
  • Are there warm or cold areas in the house and are they a bother?

Apart from that, there are other things to look for such as:

  1. The furnace is more than fifteen years old

A well-maintained heater can run for up to fifteen years. Nonetheless, it is better to get a new one before a breakdown to be safe. This also gives you enough time to pick the best one and at a good price.

  1. Your energy bills are too high

In recent years, a lot of advancements have been made, and now heaters use a lot less energy than they did in the nineteen hundreds. Today, the minimum efficiency is placed at ninety percent, with some models going higher than that. The heater manual comes with an annual fuel use efficiency rating which when compared to the efficiency of a new heater can give you the difference. This will help you know how much you will end up saving. Similarly, if you find that the gas bills are getting higher, then there could be an issue with the system.

  1. Cost or repairs is increasing

If you find that the money you are paying for repairs is over six hundred dollars, then you should consider getting a new one instead of spending more on repairs. A new, high-efficiency model could be repaired for three hundred and fifty dollars, but for an aged one, this is not an investment that is worth it.

  1. The heater is becoming louder

Over time, one may begin to notice pops, bangs and other noises coming from the heater, which can be very annoying. Apart from that, according to Aurora air duct cleaning, it could show that some parts of it are about to fail or that the piping isn’t fitted properly to your abode. This can be dealt with by having professionals come and have a look.

  1. There’s rust, cracks or too much soot

Spotting these in your home is a sure sign that it is time for the heater to get a tune-up to make sure that it does not evolve into a risk of danger. Since it uses fuel, some byproducts may be harmful such as carbon monoxide. Normally, such substances are left in the ducts, but if your system is older and has some cracks, then these gases may end up flowing into the house.

  1. The cycling pattern of the furnace has changed

If you find that the apparatus is going on and off more times than usual, or runs for more time that it would take, this could be an indication that some aspects of it are not in proper shape.

  1. The heater doesn’t serve the whole house

Some houses have naturally cool and warm areas, depending on if they are located on ground level or up, how big the windows are the type of insulation and how high the ceiling is. If this turns out to be an issue, then it is time to upgrade your heater to keep the temperature even.

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