Why Choose Professional Carpet Cleaning? 5 Compelling Reasons for a Healthier Home

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professional carpet cleaning

This article will highlight the compelling reasons for homeowners to choose professional carpet cleaning services in order to promote a healthier home environment and address common misconceptions about carpet maintenance.

Many studies have found that carpet is one of the better materials to use, especially for homes or schools. Carpets can reduce the rate of depreciation in a home, create a unique psychology of enhanced life quality, encourage that love of place in residence, promote human dignity, and elevate a sense of well-being. But these factors only apply to carpets that have been regularly cleaned.

With the professional carpet cleaning process, you can enhance the quality and cleanliness of your carpets and ensure your home feels like home.

Five compelling reasons to opt for professional carpet cleaning

There are several reasons to opt for professional carpet cleaning services.

professional carpet cleaning

Deep Cleaning

The first is a deep cleaning. Hiring professionals gives you a much deeper clean compared to what you can do at home.

Studies have found that carpets contain twice as many fungal spores as other floor surfaces.

The professional carpet cleaning process relies on more efficient and larger tools and cleaning products that are environmentally safe and reach lower into the carpet fibers to the base to dislodge things like fungal spores and other debris that have settled over time. It does this without damaging the carpet fibers or loosening the threads.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

Getting carpets professionally cleaned can help improve air quality, improving symptoms in those with allergies or asthma.

This is because things like dirt, debris, allergens, dust, pollen, and the like can settle on top of the carpet fibers and slowly make their way into the fibers or down to the base of the carpet. Every time someone walks across the carpet, they can dislodge these items and release them into the air to be breathed in by residents.

But getting carpets professionally cleaned removes them entirely, so there is no risk of decreased air quality.

Prolonged Carpet Lifespan

The professional carpet cleaning process actually prolongs the lifespan of your carpet. Without regular cleaning, carpets are more likely to get torn, pulled, loosened, or otherwise damaged. Moreover, when homeowners try to clean the stains out of carpets, they might use inadequate tools or rough scrubbing that damages the carpet more than the tools used with professional carpet cleaning.

Stain and Spot Removal

Professional carpet cleaning services rely on chemicals and tools that can successfully get rid of stains and spots. With your regular household cleaning products, you might have an all-purpose cleaning product, but all-purpose, by design, is less effective on individual types of stains.

By comparison, the products used by professional carpet cleaning services might be uniquely designed for the specific type of stain you have, like red wine, dirt, or pet urine.

Convenience and Time-Saving

If you have ever rented a carpet cleaning tool from a grocery store or a carpet store, it can be very stressful and time-consuming:

  1. You must show your ID and register when you check out the machinery.
  2. You must buy separate cleaning products designed specifically for that machine.
  3. You have to rent it for a specific length of time, which means you are on the hook to ensure you get all of your furniture moved and your carpets cleaned within that time frame.
  4. You have to clean the machine yourself before you bring it back.
  5. You must bring it back to the store within time or get charged hundreds or thousands of dollars extra.
  6. You must let your carpet fully dry before moving everything back into place.

Professional carpet cleaning services use machinery that is much more efficient and products that help the carpet dry significantly sooner. So not only do you not have to deal with any sign-out process, but you don’t have to worry about the stress of getting things done within that time frame, cleaning anything after, or waiting several days for everything to dry.

professional carpet cleaning

Myths about getting carpets professionally cleaned

Some people avoid using professional carpet cleaning services because they are worried about incorrect information they have. Let’s address some of these myths now:

Myth: Cleaning too often can ruin your carpet.

Modern technology makes it easy to quickly and efficiently clean carpets without damaging them. The professional carpet cleaning process today can be done regularly and only serves to boost the quality and cleanliness of your home.

Myth: All cleaning methods are the same.

This is simply not true. When you vacuum your home, the machinery you use clears off debris and dirt that is accumulated on the top of the carpet, where your feet rest most of the time.

But carpets go much deeper than this, and you don’t actually get any of the debris, pollen, allergens, or dust that has settled onto the base of the carpet. Getting carpets professionally cleaned, however, uses machinery with cleaning solution, water, and power enough to bring all of that content from the base of the carpet back up through the fibers and out of your house.

Benefits of getting carpets professionally cleaned

  • You don’t have to take time out of your schedule to clean carpets. Instead, you can focus on more important things.
  • You have a healthier, more hygienic house, which is better for children, allergies, asthma, and the like.
  • You can rely on safer, more efficient services to keep your carpet from damage.
  • You can get stains removed that may have been there for months or years without scrubbing on your hands and knees.
professional carpet cleaning

The right cleaning schedule for professional carpet cleaning

So, how often should you hire professional carpet cleaning services? What else should you do to maintain your home?

  1. Firstly, you should be vacuuming every week, especially if you like to leave your windows open or have pets, because this can increase exposure to dirt, dust, and pollen.
  2. If you live in an area near a lot of farms, next to the road, with a lot of dust, or full of pets, you can even buy or rent steam cleaners to clean your carpets every couple of months in between professional cleanings.
  3. Thirdly, you should hire professional carpet cleaning services, at a minimum, every year, but there are other circumstances where you might want to have your carpets cleaned every six months or even every three months:
  • IF you have children or adults with severe allergies or autoimmune diseases, have your carpets professionally cleaned more often.
  • IF you have lots of pets, have your carpets cleaned more often as well. Pets leave behind a lot of dander, and this can help remove it.

Summing Up

In the end, there are several benefits to getting carpets professionally cleaned. Not only will your carpets feel better, but they will be cleaner and more hygienic. Cleaner carpets can significantly reduce allergies and asthma and keep you safer if you struggle with autoimmune diseases.

How often you use professional carpet cleaning services is based on several factors, like whether you have pets, like leaving your windows open a lot, what the general weather is where you live, and so on. Professional carpet cleaning is a healthy investment for your home, and it can give you a much fresher living experience.

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