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How We Operate

Toronto Residential Air Duct Cleaning _ How We Work

How We Operate


Sem's air duct cleaning operator shuts down the air handling to get into the duct system


The crew covers the floors to avoid damaging them, and we put corner protectors around the corners to protect it from damages


A big vacuum hose, about ten inches in diameter is put in from the track to the fireplace


An air hose is then put to the distant air vent


The vents are then dusted out using two hundred and thirty to two hundred and fifty psi of compressed air from a high-power HVAC cleaning vacuum


Aided by an air snake, together with some air pipe, all the main supply, and return air ducts are washed out


The blower or the lower part of the furnace is then washed, together with the conditioning coil


When the entire set up is grime and dirt free, our expert then shuts the vacuum and disconnects the air hose


If additional entry points were created our Sem's air duct cleaning crew ensures they are sealed. The system is then taken over a cycle to check that it has finished its job


If the client asks us to, Sem's air duct cleaning services also sanitize them using Benefect product

After going through these steps, one will be able to tell the difference almost immediately once our air duct cleaning crew is concluded with the HVAC cleaning task. Call Sem's Duct Cleaning today and get your $50 discount on any service you request ranging from $400 and up.

Toronto Residential Air Duct Cleaning _ How We Work _ Best in GTA

Our Happy Clients

Here is a sample of some well-known companies who have trusted us at Sem's Duct Cleaning for their commercial air duct cleaning in Toronto and GTA

Advantages of Working with Sem's Air Duct Cleaning Services

  • Reduces the number of allergies
  • Gets rid of odors
  • Minimizes the dust
  • Lowers money spent on energy
  • Makes the air in the house healthier
  • Helps the heaters and coolers function better
  • Also helps with plants

Sem's Air Duct Cleaning Experts Will:

Give every client their special attention, be it residential or commercial ones, because we make sure every service is tailor-made to fit the client’s needs

Work with advanced equipment that will get rid of dust, hair from pets, and mold, all while ensuring the safety and good health of everyone living in the house, especially children, and pets. The team is also well trained on how to handle and maximize the use of this equipment

Eliminate things that may have gotten into the system and blocked it, thus causing a fire hazard

How to Tell if Your House is in Need of Air Duct Cleaning

  • If there is dust in your house always
  • When there is a family member, who has respiratory diseases such as asthma or any other allergies
  • If the home has a certain smell that will not go away such as the smell of mildew, tobacco smoke, or any other dangerous pollutants
  • When the condition of the air in your house is not that good
  • If the house has just been constructed, or you have just moved in

If you relate to any of the above, then you should contact Sem's Duct Cleaning Services to make sure your ducts are professionally cleaned out.

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