• Multi-Point System Check. Sem’s Duct Cleaning performs a thorough and careful pre-check of your air duct system operations.
  • Careful Handling of Your Home & Appliances. When we come to clean your ducts, we use drop sheets, moving blankets, corner guards, and register covers to protect your furniture and home equipment.
  • Complete Air Duct System Clean. When you hire the services of Sem’s Duct Cleaning, we ensure the cleaning of all Furnace Blowers and Blower Housing.
  • Dual Zone Cleaning. Sem’s Duct Cleaning will clean your system in “zones” with the safe cleaning method.
  • Professional Finishing. When we come to clean your home air duct furnace, we wipe down the outside of your furnace and seal its access panels for convenience during future access.


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Before we begin the cleaning process, our Duct Cleaning tech specialists will perform a thorough inspection of your air duct. Since every home in Milton has its very own unique features, our tech specialists will thoroughly check the issues your air duct has. We will further plan and execute the best possible methods to clean your furnace and air ducts. Once the inspection is completed, your Sem’s duct cleaning specialist will help you explain the process involved in completing the cleaning.

When hiring Sem’s Duct Cleaning, we assure you of the safest furnace and air duct cleaning to ensure the delivery of direct surface contact cleaning. We use the old-style brush cleaning and other processes like the pneumatic cleaning systems.

Sem’s Duct Cleaning in Milton offers its clients the best furnace cleaning methods because we believe in providing our clients with the best services at no extra charge.

Five most common HVAC problems that Milton building owners experience

We are the Milton Duct Cleaning Company that can deliver great results!

  • Noisy Air Vents
  • Frozen Evaporator
  • High Indoor Humidity
  • Water Leaks
  • Dirty air Filter

You can call any of Sem’s Duct Cleaning specialists to get the full details and procedures involved when cleaning your ducts in Milton.

Sem’s Duct Cleaning is a new age duct cleaning company having experience designed for the modern age.


Improves your home air quality

Take a deep breath. How clean is the air you breathe? Even if your family or home occupants don’t suffer from any allergies or respiratory conditions, having cleaner air will help you breathe better and keep your health in check.

Reduces dust and debris

Annually, an estimated dust size of forty (40) pounds can accumulate in a six-room house. To remove the dust collated over the years, air duct cleaning will eliminate these dust and prevent it from circulating around or into your home.

Increases energy efficiency

The heating and cooling process tends to work harder when your air ducts get contaminated. The lifespan of the cooling and heating system gets reduced, and this is bad for your health. However, a clean air duct will ensure that you will always have clean air supplied for your breathing.

Eliminates allergens

Pollen and dander can accumulate in your ductwork, within a long time in your home or office. People suffering from asthma will experience increased levels of allergies and the frequency at which they occur. To increase chances of better health, it is important to eliminate dust buildup in your air channels.


Our services:

Types of Buildings in Milton:

  • Warehouses, Industrialbuilding & Commercial spaces

  • Business Offices: high rise, low rise and ground floor

  • Retail stores, Grocery stores, Restaurants, Coffee shops, Gym, Small production spaces & Manufacturing, Laundry

  • Medical buildings & Hospitals, Seniors homes, long term care facilities, retirement homes

  • Schools; Elementary, Secondary, Public, Private; Day-cares

  • Real estate buildings & holdings, high rises, rental properties

  • Townhouses, walk-ups, low rise, homes, condos, lofts, apartment building

  • Post-construction buildings, houses, apartments, condominium buildings

    *If your type of building is listed here, you can contact us to begin preparations for the project.


Why Should I Trust Sem’s Duct Cleaning In Milton For My Air Duct Cleaning?

We understand each of our client’s needs, hence, at Sem’s Duct Cleaning, we employ the hands of professional duct cleaning technicians who have been handpicked from Milton. With all pride, we assure you that the members of our cleaning team are certified and experienced in using various equipment and modern gear in the market. Also, whenever you have any question on the cleaning process, our professionals will be available to thoroughly answer your numerous questions.

Each time we are hired for a job in Milton, we try our possible best to perform our air duct cleaning services effectively. Hence, we spend much time in preparing for this specific task and when we are preparing your home for the task, we ensure that your doors and windows are air tight before we complete the work on your air duct.

Our truck-based blast vacuum comes in handy by creating suctions in your air ducts. Using this tool will help to suck out dirt, debris, and allergens quickly. All the debris will get sucked into the trucks bed, making your office free from allergen pollution.

Once we have completed The Big Suction Process, we use our 300psi scrubbing tools to eliminate all the debris left after the suction. Our professional tools are powerful and will remove all remnants of dust and dirt, without damaging the duct’s structure.

Immediately after scrubbing the air ducts, we begin air-washing the drops, filters, blower fans, and other parts of the air handler. We will also offer to install galvanized steel access panels whenever you hire us for a professional air duct cleaning service. The installation of these units will be carried out immediately we’re done and before we leave.

Irrespective of the nature of your duct or place, our Sem’s Duct Cleaning will ensure top-notch cleaning. You can contact us today, to get a free quote on your personal duct cleaning job in Milton.

Duct Cleaning Process - main steps by Sem’s Duct Cleaning


At Sem’s Duct Cleaning, we assure

a clean and healthier air duct after a scheduled cleaning service with our professional cleaning team in Milton.


Blast Vacuum

Our cleaning process involves the use of a Truck-Vac system in ensuring proper cleaning. This process is very powerful and effective in Greater Milton, due to its ability to extract every dust and mildew particle.


Skilled Workforce

At Sem’s Duct Cleaning Services, we offer only the best and well-trained duct cleaning technicians to our clients, hence, guaranteeing satisfaction on every cleaning project.


Planning and Preparation

Before we begin the air duct cleaning process, our cleaning team will prepare a proper course of action to protect your furniture and implement the cleaning. Double the floors, ensure the door’s suitability and organize your furniture for work; we do it. All this preparation and planning aim to keep your furniture in perfect condition before and after our events. We also prevent the spread of dust.


Air Pressure Cleaning

We use negative air pressure 8’ vacuum hoses during the cleaning process to ensure that our Truck-Vac extracts every bit of debris into the vacuum bed.

Duct Cleaning Process - main steps by Sem’s Duct Cleaning


Pressurized Scrubbing

We also use our 300psi scrubbing tools to ensure the immediate and physical removal of all dust and debris left in your air duct.


Cover Cleaning

Aside from cleaning the insides of the ducts, our team also cleans grill covers and drops for perfect hygiene.


Cleaning Essentials

A proper cleaning service is not complete without proper air-washing and vacuuming. The process is carried out on the drop, filter box, blower fan, and the cabinet interior of the HVAC system.


The Grand Finale

Finally, at the end of the cleaning process, we will place a new and shiny galvanized access panel on the openings of each vacuum hose.

How To Prepare Your Home For Air Duct Cleaning

Site preparation is a vital element in the air duct cleaning process. So before the start of the project, we will assign an air duct cleaning contractor to review and evaluate all aspects of the air duct cleaning process.


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Before And During Our Stay:

Clearing Work Area

Before the arrival of the contractor, ask the air duct cleaning contractor about the required space for each air vent register. You should also ask about the required space for the furnace and the air conditioner. So, we advise that you check these areas before the contractor’s arrival, since it allows the contractor to focus on cleaning the air vent registers, rather than clearing workspaces.

Walk Through With The Air Duct Technician

Before commencing the project, the contractor and homeowner will need to perform a walk-through of the entire house. This walk-through/description is to observe all the components of the HVAC system to be cleaned and accessed. It is important that you discus where protective coverings like drop cloths and corner guards should be placed.

Pet Safety

Ensure that you instruct the technician about pet safety if your pets are going to be present during the duct cleaning process. Sometimes, homeowners might instruct the technician to clean the ventilation line of one room, so the pets can be placed there for security. However, if you plan on leaving your home during the duct cleaning process, carefully instruct the technician about safety measures to observe if your pet escapes.

Fire Safety

It is important that you notify the technician about the fire extinguisher’s location and contact number in case of a fire emergency.


If you won’t be around during the cleaning process, give your technician a reliable contact number to call once the project has been completed. You can also give the technician your lockup procedures for home security.

Interesting Facts!!!

Did you know?

  • The Romans were the first people to use a home heating system. They called the heating system a “hypocaust,” and it worked by transferring heat through the floors and walls of the homes of rich Romans.
  • Closing the vents of vacant and unused rooms in your house won’t save or cut the cost of electricity. However, it will cause your electricity bills to increase due to the decrease in your HVAC system’s efficiency. Furthermore, closing air vents increases the pressure on your HVAC system’s compressor, further increasing the possibility of experiencing a breakdown.
  • Properly maintaining your HVAC system increases its lifespan to a scale within 10 to 15 years, depending on its producer.

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