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Here at our company, we boast over three decades of experience in making numerous clients across Ajax and the vicinity happy with the cleanliness of their HVAC systems and the air they breathe. We strive to make sure we have what it takes to perform a detail-oriented clean-up without damaging the vents or the area around the system. You can rest assured our pros will tailor a plan that will suit all your needs. We can perform:

  • Air filter evaluation
  • Thermostat inspection
  • Airflow testing
  • Air leak detection
  • Examination of your compressor
  • Heater, furnace, & humidifier checkup
  • Equipment assessment

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Reap the benefits of residential AC duct cleaning in Ajax

Minimized electricity bills

If not treated, dust and dirt buildup clogs the airflow and puts additional pressure on your HVAC system, causing it to overwork and increasing your electricity bills. Sanitize your vents regularly to avoid this.

Healthier environment

When properly cleaned, your ductwork will be free of dust, allergens, fungal spores, and mold. This means you won’t have to worry about the quality of the air when you turn them on.

Protected appliances

Avoid letting your dirty and disregarded HVAC system spread dust and other particulates around your home, potentially damaging your furniture and devices. Instead, let our pros clean it properly for your peace of mind.

No frequent repairs

If you neglect your HVAC system and let it stay grimy for too long, the buildup could cause it to break down from time to time. Avoid costly and frequent repairs and choose an easier option – residential duct cleaning.

Our streamlined process for successful residential duct cleaning:


Swift booking system

With our intuitive form you can get an honest quote and schedule an appointment in a beat.


Tailored solutions

You can rest assured we use a personalized approach when finding solutions to our client’s HVAC system problems.


Floor safety

When our crew performs residential AC duct cleaning in Ajax, they use corner guards, floor runners, and vent magnets to protect your floors.


Furniture protection

Our technicians will take 15-30 extra minutes to cover and protect the furniture in the clean-up area from dirt and damages.

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Thorough dusting

We use modern equipment to blow out the dirt and debris from the ductwork while using reliable devices to quickly remove it from every corner, vacuuming it into the van.


Rotating brush

Our pros will use rotary brushing in order to get rid of the dust and dirt buildup while utilizing a reverse nozzle to push the dirt into the nozzle.


Final details

The final step of the process is wiping down both return and supply vents and providing our first-time clients with brand-new vacuum hose access plates.


Transparent pricing

With our transparent and exact price estimates, you won’t have to guess the price or worry about hidden costs.


Wide service area

Our residential AC duct cleaning team is not only available in Ajax but also in the vicinity of this region, including the whole GTA.

We cater to the owners of various residential properties:

  • Houses
  • Apartments
  • Rentals
  • Condos
  • Freshly renovated spaces
  • Cabins

*If you’re in need of residential air conditioning duct cleaning, but your space doesn’t belong to any of the above types, call us anyway. Our pros in Scarborough will be more than happy to learn more about your place and problems and try to find the necessary solution.

Rely on us for residential AC duct cleaning and the following:

  • Central vacuum scrubbing
  • Pick-up and delivery for carpet clean-up

Let our professionals take good care of your HVAC system.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It sure does! If you opt for our residential air duct cleaning, you can rest assured our pros in Ajax will inspect and detect any mold that appeared inside your HVAC system and get rid of it in no time. With us, you won’t breathe mold particles that have been spread thanks to the dirty ductwork.

If you perform regular residential duct cleaning, your heating system will operate efficiently and properly. Hire our capable pros and forget about the lack of heating during cold days.

One of the best methods is utilizing the air wand for removing dust and rotary brush for any stubborn dust and debris buildup. You can rest assured our pros are trained to use these reliable tools during one of the best residential air duct cleanings you’ll experience.

When not sanitized regularly, your vents accumulate dust and spread it around your home, causing it to be dustier than usual. Hire us to perform a quality residential AC cleaning and reduce the amount of dust inside your place of residence in Ajax.

If you’ve decided your HVAC system needs a thorough and professional clean-up, Sem’s Duct Cleaning boasts the experience and knowledge necessary to clean your residential air ducts per your needs and expectations. You can also expect from us:

Whether you’re located near Lakeridge Health Ajax and Pickering or Ajax High School, you can depend on us to perform the whole ductwork clean-up process listening to your requests and preferences. Call us today!

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