Benefits of working with Sem’s air duct cleaning services

  • We offer a multi-point system check: by performing a few detailed pre-checks of your system.
  • We treat your home carefully: we apply sheets, movable covers, protective corners and maintenance hole covers if necessary.
  • Complete system cleaning: We adopt a deep cleaning system of the oven fan and fan housing.
  • Double zone cleaning: We accept what we call a “zone cleaning system” as a safe way to clean.
  • Professional processing: Adopted for suitable future access, cleaning the outside of the oven, and sealing access panels.


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We attach the utmost importance to cleaning your air ducts. With this, our technology expert thoroughly reviews and evaluates your air duct problems before proceeding with the simplest and safest way to clean your furnace and other duct cleaning requirements.

We note that a higher percentage, if not all homes in Ajax, have unique channel characteristics. Our cleaning technology expert will carefully guide you through the cleaning completion procedures.

Suppose you want the best and most efficient duct cleaning methods. In that case, Sem’s Duct Cleaning in Ajax will provide that efficient air duct cleaning for you because we believe in providing standard services to all our customers and potential customers, with maximum satisfaction at no cost.

Using safe air duct cleaning methods to provide the benefits of cleaning old-fashioned cleaning with direct contact surfaces ensures modern pneumatic cleaning systems’ safety.

How to know if your home needs air duct cleaning

You will know your air ducts is a little dirty when you pay attention to these four signs:

  • If you find mold in your air conditioning system.
  • If you have just renovated or built a house.
  • If you have a dusty house, it doesn't matter how often you clean it.
  • If your heating or air conditioning costs increase.

You can call one of Sem’s duct cleaning experts to details how Ajax ducts cleaning services work.

Sem’s Duct Cleaning is a modern and experienced duct cleaning company built for the modern age.


Prevention of health problems

Your health and the health of your family are very important.

It would be best if you tried to prevent all forms of harmful pollutants, allergies like asthma and any other respiratory diseases in your family by regularly cleaning the ducts, as well as the number of harmful pollutants you produce in your home regularly, it is surprisingly high and can affect family members.

Better performance of your system

When air ducts are not cleaned frequently, this will reduce the system’s overall performance and make it more difficult to suck in and circulate air in your room.
It would also cause accumulation of dust, animal dandruff, allergens, harmful toxins from mold, mildew or rodent feces. According to statistics, at least the HVAC system consumes about 40% of energy when charged with lines.

Removal of moldy odor

Instead of constantly buying air fresheners and scented candles, consider improving air quality and removing that moldy odor by regularly cleaning the air duct because of the dust, bacteria, and mold in the air.
The duct system causes an unpleasant odor.

Increase the life of your system

Most of the increase in the useful life of your system is due to maintenance. Some systems last between 9 and 10 years due to high maintenance.
HVAC is expensive, and you wouldn’t want to replace it in an instant.


Regular air duct cleaning is not only good for your health and the health of those around you, but it is also a better way to improve the performance of your system and to save you money in the long run.

Indoor air quality

Statistics in Ajax show that only a few people care about indoor air quality.
However, most of them spend 60-90% of their time indoors and depend on the air in the Air Duct Cleaning system.


Our services:

We operate in buildings:

  • Warehouses, industrial buildings and commercial premises

  • Commercial offices: skyscrapers, ground floor and ground floor, buildings and real estate, skyscrapers, rental property

  • Retail stores, supermarkets, restaurants, cafes, high school, Small production and production premises, laundry

  • Medical buildings and hospitals, Homes for the elderly, long-term care institutions, nursing homes

  • Schools; Primary, Secondary, Public, Private; Nurseries

  • Townhouses without elevators, low-rise buildings, houses, apartments, attics, residential buildings

  • Buildings, houses, flats and storey buildings after construction

    *If we did not nominate your type of building, you could contact us to get started with maximum preparation.

Why Trust Sem’s Duct When Cleaning Your Air Ducts In Ajax?

Our technicians have been selected here at Ajax, and they are all certified professionals. Our pride lies in our guarantee that we provide certified team members with a strong propensity and ability to use all the modern equipment and equipment available on the market. With all the above guarantees, we would never put you at a disadvantage or accidentally. We take care of all the issues that bother you regarding cleaning the ducts and the way of the procedure.

The quality and service we provide are not diminished. We provide the same quality of service for the first, second, third or tenth time ... no matter how long you need our service; we provide the same quality. We do our best to provide a concise and satisfactory air duct cleaning service. We prepare your work well every minute, ensure that all doors and windows are airtight, and then finish work on the air duct before leaving. We turn all the stones to your maximum satisfaction.

We use various professional cleaning tools with powerful features that can remove any remaining dirt without damaging the duct structure. We adopt the use of a 300 psi peeling tool to remove debris after vacuuming. We do this immediately after vacuuming the dirt.

What will we do when we finish cleaning the duct? We start air washing drop by drop, filters, fan and other parts of the air conditioning system. Regardless of the duct or location's nature, our Sem's Duct Cleaning team will provide an effective and superior cleaning service. You can contact us today for a free evaluation of the canal cleaning job in Ajax. Although we provide professional air duct cleaning services, we also offer the installation of galvanized steel access panels on the suction pipe openings. We perform this installation immediately, and we complete it even before you fulfill your promises.

Duct Cleaning Process - main steps by Sem’s Duct Cleaning


At Sem’s Duct Cleaning, we guarantee

a cleaner and healthier air duct after a scheduled cleaning service with our professional cleaning team in Ajax.


Breath aspirator

Using the Truck-Vac system, we perform duct cleaning services by vacuuming all dust and mold particles for superior duct cleaning. Of all the other methods adopted, this is one of the strongest Ajax methods.


Skilled Workforce

All our technicians in Sem's Duct Cleaning services are well-trained employees who offer you the best services and guarantee maximum satisfaction in every cleaning task.


Planning and Preparation

We've set up a few plans before we start cleaning your air ducts. We devised an appropriate course of action to avoid poor performance. We do this by covering the floors, ensuring the door's suitability and preparing your furniture for the procedure. All of this planning and preparation aims to ensure that your furniture is in excellent condition before and after our operations and prevents the spread of dust.


Unavoidable Air Pressure

To make sure our Truck-Vac sucks all the duct waste into the vacuum layer, we use 8ft negative air pressure vacuum hoses.

Duct Cleaning Process - main steps by Sem’s Duct Cleaning


Peeling for cleansing

Our 300 psi cleaning tools make it easy to remove any remaining dust or debris physically. We use it in vacuum cleaners.


Cover Cleaning

Our equipment also can clean the inside of the duct, clean the grill lids and drips.



To provide a complete service system, we must rinse and vacuum the HVAC groove, filter housing, fan and cabinet interior.


The Grand Finale

After cleaning is complete, our team installs a new glossy galvanized access panel over the vacuum hose openings.

Preparing For A Duct Cleaning Meeting

Cleaning your home’s air ducts becomes necessary when you pay more attention to the air quality in your home and take care of indoor air pollution. Good preparation for this makes the job more manageable and saves everyone time.

We will present you with some tips on preparing to clean your air ducts in your home.


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Before We Arrive:

Protect Your Pets And Children During Our Visit

The duct cleaning procedure can upset your children, especially those with sensitive ears. So you can arrange a call from our technicians when the children are not at home. If you can’t achieve this, spend time with our technician before you start discussing safety procedures to make sure your children stay safe.

Also, let technicians know if you have your pet nearby. Keep your pet safe in rooms where technicians would not work to reduce noise, preventing fright.

Safety And Fire Protection Measures

If our technician has to come to you when you are not there, provide him with proper locking procedures to secure your home when we arrive and leaving. We strive to keep your home safe when we visit. So ask them to contact you before setting up your apartment.

However, knowing the fire protection measures in your home, such as where the appliance is located, is always helpful to our technicians. Also, give them an emergency phone number.

Interesting events!!!

Did you know that:

  • Air conditioning has helped create medications in cold environments.
  • In 1939, the first car air conditioner was installed in Packard.
  • Houses with low humidity will be cooler than houses with more humid air.
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