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We have more than three decades of experience in delivering residential AC duct cleanings to residents of Kleinburg and the surrounding areas. Our team of seasoned and hard-working professionals offers a highly-personalized experience to every single client. Modern equipment and tried-and-tested techniques we employ ensure your ducts are completely clean and ready to serve. Some of the things we do include:

  • Thermostat examination
  • Air filter testing
  • Airflow check-up
  • Air leak detection
  • Compressor assessment
  • Furnace/heater & humidifier check-up
  • General equipment appraisal

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See what our residential duct cleaning in Kleinburg offers

A decrease in energy bills

If your air vents are filled with dirt and debris, your HVAC system will need to use more power to achieve the same outcome. Luckily, we’re here to clean your system and enhance its efficiency, lowering your bills.

Better air quality

Neglected ductwork will make your HVAC system spread harmful particles into your rooms. Ordering a residential AC duct cleaning will drastically improve your indoor air quality by removing dirt from the system.

Keeping your equipment safe

If your HVAC system is clogged, it will emit mildew and mold into the environment. Only a thorough residential duct cleaning can prevent these from damaging your electronics and furniture.

Paying less for repairs

Keeping your HVAC system clean will spare you a lot of trouble with unexpected breakdowns. It will also significantly prolong the lifespan of your machinery, all to the benefit of your wallet.

Our tried-and-true methods for residential AC duct cleaning


Streamlined booking system

Visit our online platform and book your residential AC duct cleaning session with us.


Customized planning

Our client-oriented technicians will thoroughly inspect your HVAC system and create a tailored plan that suits your needs and preferences.


Keeping your floor safe

You can remain sure that we’ll protect floors in your home with our carefully designed covers, vent magnets, floor runners, and corner guards.


Belongings kept intact

Your belonging will be completely safe with our service. In case of any unwanted events, we’ll transfer your belongings to a safe location in no time.

commercial Sem's duct cleaning
Toronto Residential Air Duct Cleaning _ How We Work _ Best in GTA

Detail-oriented dusting
We’ll use our highly advanced equipment to remove any dirt or debris from your vents without causing any damage.


Highly effective brushing
We can brush the dirt from your surfaces with our innovative brush that uses compressed air and a reverse nozzle to achieve maximum efficiency.


Experienced staff
Our specialists have decades of training and experience under their belts. They are well-versed in making your HVAC fully functional for a long time.


Affordable prices
No hidden expenses will be charged to you. We maintain an honest pricing policy to the benefit of our clients.


Serving the entire area
If you’re a resident of Kleinburg or any nearby locality, we’re ready to offer you our residential air conditioning air duct cleaning services.

Our specialists work with different types of residences

  • Rentals
  • Apartments
  • Homes
  • Renovated homes
  • Cabins
  • Condos

*In case your space does not belong to any of those mentioned, feel free to contact us. We’ll make sure your needs are met and you’re provided with high-quality residential duct cleaning.

In addition to residential AC duct cleaning, our services include:

  • Central vacuum cleaning
  • Pick-up together with delivery for carpet cleaning

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ideally, you should take care of your ductwork every three to five years. In some cases, it may be preferable to perform residential duct cleaning in your Kleinburg residence on a more frequent basis. More advanced HVAC systems, however, may do well for a longer period of time.

It does not have to be so. If you hire highly experienced professionals, you can rest assured that your home and belongings will remain in the same condition as they were before any work was performed. Seasoned experts will utilize their knowledge and experience to clean up any mess as quickly as possible.

Even though it may produce certain noise, residential AC duct cleaning may not be so loud to cause a significant disturbance. The sound will mostly resemble the one of a vacuum and should not block you from following your daily routine. This is especially true if the cleaning is being performed by experts.

How much you’ll have to pay for residential air conditioning duct cleaning services in Kleinburg depends on numerous factors. It depends on the initial condition of the HVAC system and its size. It also depends on the scope of installations customers want to introduce. Finally, it depends on the productivity of technicians performing the cleaning.

We at Sem’s Duct Cleaning provide time-tested services to a wide range of clients from the Greater Toronto Area. Our employees have extensive knowledge and experience in completing the most difficult tasks. You can count on them if you need:

Our experts will do everything to make your home fully healthy and functional. Your family members can rest assured that there will be no unwanted expenses and unpleasant air smells due to failures of your HVAC system. Whether you are located near McMichael Canadian Art Collection or Kortright Centre for Conservation, you can schedule a session with our skillful technicians.

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