Benefits of working with air duct cleaning services Sem’s

  • We offer a multi-point system check – by performing a few detailed pre-checks of your system.
  • We treat your home carefully: we apply sheets, movable covers, protective corners and maintenance hole covers if necessary.
  • Complete system cleaning: We adopt a deep cleaning system of the oven fan and fan housing.
  • Double zone cleaning: We accept what we call a “zone cleaning system” as a safe way to clean.
  • Professional processing: Adopted for suitable future access, cleaning the outside of the oven, and sealing access panels.


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We attach the utmost importance to cleaning your air ducts. With this, our technology expert thoroughly reviews and evaluates your air duct problems before proceeding with the simplest and safest way to clean your furnace and other duct cleaning requirements.

We note that a higher percentage, if not all homes in Burlington, have unique channel characteristics. Our cleaning technology expert will carefully guide you through the cleaning completion procedures.

Suppose you want the best and most efficient duct cleaning methods. In that case, Sem’s Duct Cleaning in Burlington will offer you the best service because we believe in providing standard services to all our customers and potential customers, with maximum satisfaction at no additional cost.

Using safe air duct cleaning methods to provide the benefits of cleaning old-fashioned cleaning with direct contact surfaces ensures the safety of modern pneumatic cleaning systems.

How to tell if your home needs air duct cleaning

We are a duct cleaning company in Burlington that can show you excellent results from our previous job.

Your HVAC Troubleshooting Guide – Highlight common problems or experience homeowners face in Burlington

  • Short power supply
  • You do not feel the air conditioning
  • Your air conditioner has become more of a heater
  • The air conditioner has a short cycle

To learn more about how air duct cleaning services work in the Burlington, you can call one of our duct cleaning experts.

Sem’s Duct Cleaning is a modern and experienced duct cleaning company built for the modern age.



If you have pets on the move, it would be a good idea to consider cleaning your air ducts.

This animal hair and dandruff quickly clog your HVAC system.

New House

It would be advisable to move into a new apartment. But if you move into an already used apartment, first make a schedule for air duct cleaning to clean up dirt and debris left by previous owners.


Do you live with smokers, or do you smoke alone?

Note: Nicotine in cigarettes can create adhesion inside the air passage, damaging your duct system air passage and cause easier adhesion of other contaminants.

Mold And Mildew

A damp, wet, or flooded creepy/basement space allows mold and mildew to grow that has the power to enter your HVAC duct system and not want it to circulate your home.

If you think you have mold in your home, consider a mold inspection.

Allergy Alleviation

Bacteria, molds, fungi, and other allergens cause respiratory distress and allergies that negatively affect children and the elderly’s immune systems, affecting people with weakened immune systems. Therefore, duct cleaning will improve the air quality in your home and reduce allergy symptoms.

Improved Efficiency

Your air filter clogs easily, a sign that your air ducts need cleaning. Consider these signs and symptoms carefully. Even quality air filters will not prevent clogging of the particles.

An obstruction reduces airflow and causes your device to run on colder or warmer air.


Our services:

Types of buildings in Burlington:

  • Warehouses, industrial buildings and commercial premises

  • Commercial offices: skyscrapers, low rise and ground floor

  • Retail stores, supermarkets, restaurants, cafes, high school, small production and production premises, laundry

  • Medical buildings and hospitals, homes for the elderly, long-term care institutions, nursing homes

  • Schools; Primary, Secondary, Public, Private; Nurseries

  • Buildings and real estate, skyscrapers, rental property

  • Townhouses without elevators, low-rise buildings, houses, apartments, attics, residential buildings

  • Buildings, houses, flats and storey buildings after construction

    *Luckily we don’t mention your type of building; you can contact us to get started with maximum preparation.

Why Trust Sem’s Duct Cleaning In Burlington To Clean Your Air Ducts?

Our technicians are selected here in Burlington at Sem’s Duct Cleaning site and are certified. Our pride lies in our guarantee that we provide certified team members with a strong propensity and ability to use all the modern equipment we possess and equipment available on the market. We will never put you at a disadvantage with all the guarantees above or let you guess what you need to do. We take care of all the issues that bother you regarding cleaning the canal and the way of the procedure.

The quality and service we provide are not diminished. We provide the same quality of service the first, second, third or tenth time ... as much as you need our service, we provide the same quality. We do our best to provide a concise and satisfactory air duct cleaning service. We prepare your work well every minute, ensure that all doors and windows are airtight, and then finish work on the air duct before leaving. We turn all the stones to your maximum satisfaction.

We use various professional cleaning tools with powerful capabilities that can remove any remaining dirt without damaging the duct structure. We accept the use of a 300 psi peeling tool to remove debris after vacuuming. We do this immediately after vacuuming the dirt.

What are we going to do when we finish cleaning the duct? We start air washing drop by drop, filters, fan and other parts of the air conditioning system. Regardless of the duct or location’s nature, our Sem’s Duct Cleaning team will provide an effective and superior cleaning service. You can contact us today and get a free appraisal of the canal cleaning job in Burlington. Although we provide professional air duct cleaning services, we also offer the installation of galvanized steel access panels on the suction pipe openings. We perform this installation immediately, and we complete it even before you fulfill your promises.

Sem's Duct Cleaning Services In Burlington


Breath Aspirator

Using the Truck-Vac system, we perform duct cleaning services by vacuuming all dust and mold particles for superior duct cleaning. Of all the other methods adopted, this is one of the strongest Burlington methods.


Skilled Workforce

All our technicians in Sem’s Duct Cleaning services are well-trained employees who provide you with the best services and guarantee maximum satisfaction in every cleaning task.


Planning and Preparation

We’ve set up a few plans before we start cleaning your air ducts. We devise an appropriate plan to avoid poor performance. We do this by covering the floors, ensuring the door’s suitability and preparing your furniture for the procedure. All this planning and preparation aim to keep your furniture in top condition during and after our operations and preventing the spread of dust.


Inevitable Air Pressure

To ensure that our Truck-Vac extracts all waste from the duct into the vacuum layer, we use 8ft negative air pressure vacuum hoses when cleaning.

Sem's Duct Cleaning Services In Burlington


Scrub Clean

Our 300 psi cleaning tools make it easy to remove any remaining dust or debris physically. We can use it in vacuum cleaners.


Clean the Cover

Our equipment also can clean the inside of the duct, clean the grill lids and drips.



To provide a complete service system, we must rinse and vacuum the HVAC groove, filter housing, fan and cabinet interior.


The Grand Finale

After cleaning is complete, our team installs a new glossy galvanized access panel over the vacuum hose openings.

How To Prepare For Your Next Cleaning

One or two days before the specified date, we will call you to confirm all your data’s validity. These details include the cleaning address and budget you requested; You can ask questions by putting a phone call through us or an email during the process.


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What Happens During Professional Air Duct Cleaning?

Professional Equipment

At first, our technician performs a basic inspection of your HVAC system. Our company uses a variety of high-pressure air tools to clean every square inch of every single channel inside. They draw debris from each branch of the duct to the main highway and eventually to your vacuum hose. They use the right tools to clean all shapes and sizes of channels, including flexible channels.

Identifying the problems - Showing the results

Before you leave, our service staff will inspect your system and notify you of any problems. This will also ensure that the system is fully operational after cleaning.

It’s a great job that you probably don’t have the tools to deal with it. If you are late for duct cleaning, contact Sem’s Duct Cleaning for an appointment.

Interesting dates!!!

Did you know that:

  • When AC systems were first introduced, the output settings were measured in “Ice Power,” how many ice blocks should produce the same cooling power amount. We now call them air conditioners.
  • The motivation for the first air conditioner was not comforting. Willis Carrier invented the modern air conditioner in 1902 for a New York publishing house that had problems controlling ink and spreading and shrinking paper due to varying humidity.
  • Air conditioners do more than cool the air. They also remove moisture from the air, making the air more comfortable. Do not turn the thermostat fan to the “on” position all day. Instead, select the “automatic” position, where the air will blow only when the cooling system is on. When you let the fan blow air all the time, the moisture returns to the house and affects the humidity level.
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