• Multi-Point System Check. Sem’s Duct Cleaning will perform a thorough pre-check of your air duct system and its operations.
  • We Treat Your Home With Care. Sem’s Duct Cleaning uses drop sheets, corner guards, moving blankets, and register covers for your furniture and floor protection.  
  • Full System Clean. When you hire us for a cleaning service, we clean the Furnace Blower and Blower Housing.
  • Complete Air Duct System Clean. When you hire the services of Sem’s Duct Cleaning, we ensure the cleaning of all Furnace Blowers and Blower Housing.
  • Professional Finishing. Sem’s Duct Cleaning will wipe down the outside of your furnace and seal the access panels for convenient access in the future.


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Before we begin the cleaning process, our specialists will come to your house for a complete inspection of all air ducts. Since every home in York Region has its own features, it is very important that our specialist thoroughly evaluates the problems that your air duct is having. This process is carried out before we proceed with the safest and most convenient methods of cleaning your home’s furnace. Once the inspection process is completed, our cleaning Tech specialists will thoroughly explain the process involved in the cleaning.

At Sem’s Duct Cleaning, we use safe furnace and air duct cleaning methods to ensure that your air ducts are properly cleaned. We use direct contact cleaning using the old-style brush cleaning, and the safety of some modern pneumatic cleaning systems.

Sem’s Duct Cleaning service in York Region offers clients the best furnace cleaning methods. We offer our clients the best because we believe in providing high-standard services to them, at no extra charge!

Consider Air Duct Cleaning if you answered "Yes" to any of the following questions

  • Do you notice "stale" or "musty" odors when the system runs?
  • Do you notice a "burning" smell when the system starts?
  • Do you notice dust on your furnishings after cleaning?
  • Is there Mold in your vents?
  • Does anyone in your family have allergies or asthma?
  • Are your energy costs steadily increasing?

Sem’s Duct Cleaning is a modern age duct cleaning company having experience designed for the modern age.


Saves you money

With Canada’s extreme temperatures, your system is mostly liable to work overtime to heat your home to maintain comfort.

Removes smells in the air

Dirt accumulated in the air duct can cause a recognizable and repulsive odor if not treated as soon as possible.

Improves air quality

During the cold weather, you have no choice but to turn on the heater. When you turn the heat on, you won’t be able to open your windows to get fresh air like you do during the summer.

Keeps your home safe

An inefficient duct system could pose a serious risk to your home at any time. As we know, without having your ducts cleaned a build-up can lead to serious consequences.


Our services:

Types of buildings in York Region:

  • Warehouses, Industrialbuilding & Commercial spaces

  • Business Offices: high rise, low rise and ground floor

  • Retail stores, Grocery stores, Restaurants, Coffee shops, Gym, Small production spaces & Manufacturing, Laundry

  • Medical buildings & Hospitals, Seniors homes, long term care facilities, retirement homes

  • Schools; Elementary, Secondary, Public, Private; Day-cares

  • Real estate buildings & holdings, high rises, rental properties

  • Townhouses, walk-ups, low rise, homes, condos, lofts, apartment building

  • Post-construction buildings, houses, apartments, condominium buildings

    *You can contact us if your type of building isn’t listed above, so we can begin making preparations.

Why Trust Sem’s Duct Cleaning For Your Air Duct Cleaning in York Region?

Sem’s Duct Cleaning employs the hands of professional technicians, personally handpicked from York Region. Delightfully, we assure you of our staff’s professionalism and ability to use sophisticated equipment and modern gear. If you also have any questions about the cleaning process and our methods of cleaning, our professionals will be available to answer all your questions.

Each time we get hired for a project in York Region, we ensure that our duct cleaning services are perfected at the same level as the first time. Hence, we spend a lot of time preparing for the job. During our preparation, we ensure that all your doors and windows are airtight before completing the work on the air duct.

Our truck-based blast vacuum is used in creating suction in your ducts to help suck out dirt, debris and allergens quickly. All these debris and allergens will be sucked to the truck’s bed, leaving your air ducts clean.

We use our 300psi scrubbing tools to remove all debris left after sucking out the dirt. Our professional tools are very powerful and can remove all debris and remnants without damaging the integrity of your duct structure.

Once we complete the scrubbing process, we begin the air-washing process. We air-wash the drop, filters, blower fan and other parts of the air handler. We also offer to install galvanized steel access panels on the openings of your vacuum hose. Once approved, the installation process is performed immediately.

No matter the type of duct or building, Sem’s Duct Cleaning is able to deliver quality and effective cleaning services. To start, you can contact us today to get a free quote for your duct cleaning project in York Region.

Duct Cleaning Process


Sem’s Duct Cleaning guarantees

a cleaner and healthier air duct when you schedule for cleaning services with our professional cleaning team in York Region.


Blast Vacuum

When we go for cleaning projects, we use a Truck-Vac system to ensure complete cleanliness. This method of cleaning is popular in York Region due to its efficiency in sucking out all particles of mildew and dust.


Skilled Workforce

To ensure your maximum satisfaction, Sem’s Duct Cleaning offers the best and professionally trained technicians to inspect and clean your ducts.


Planning and Preparation

To ensure everything goes as planned we have established an appropriate course of action that will avoid bad results. In such a way, we cover your floors and furniture to avoid the spread of dust, while ensuring that your doors and windows are fit for the process.


Unavoidable Air Pressure

To completely eliminate all dust and debris, we use negative air pressure 8’ vacuum hoses along with our Truck-Vac system.

Duct Cleaning Process


Scrub Clean

We have many tools along with our 300psi scrubbing equipment which is very reliable in the physical removal of all dust and debris left in your ducts.


Cover Cleaning

Our team not only does the cleaning of the insides of the ducts, but also the cleaning of grill covers and drops.


The Essentials

When we come to clean your air ducts, our services are not complete until we air-wash and vacuum the drop, filter box, blower fan, and interior cabinet of your HVAC system.


The Grand Finale

Finally, once we have completed the cleaning process, we will place a new, and shiny galvanized access panel at the entrance of your vacuum hose.

How To Prepare For Your Cleaning Appointment

A day or two before the specified date, we will call you to confirm the validity of your quotation and their details. These details include your cleaning address, and your ordered quote. These questions could be asked via telephone or email.


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How To Choose An HVAC Company

Know Your State’s Requirements For HVAC Contractors

Each state in Canada has specific guidelines regarding licensing, bonding, insurance, and continuing your education.

Know What You Need

Before you hire an HVAC company, check the system’s model and its maintenance history. You should also note the rooms that get uncomfortable, e.g. if it’s too hot or cold.

Ask For Referrals

Ask the people you trust for referrals and check if they can complete the job on time, within the budget, and are well-versed in the procedures.

Research Reviews

Although, price is more important when selecting a suitable HVAC company, reputation is important too. You can read reviews of the contractor on the website, Google, social media pages (such as Facebook), Yelp, and more. Some companies might not be perfect, but reviews will reveal the problems and how they can be addressed.


Ask For A Written Proposal

After you have chosen your HVAC contractor, ask the professional to give you a written proposal for you to review and sign before the work starts. A written proposal specifies the cost, job schedules, model numbers, warranty information, payment schedules, and other details that will protect you should a problem arise.

Interesting Facts!!!

Did you know?

  • The temperature of your bedroom affects how well you sleep. For most people, the ideal temperature for sleeping falls between 19 and 23 degrees Celsius.
  • Approximately 47% of homeowners do not know how much they are paying for electricity on a monthly basis. Also, another 15% claim not to care about how much they use.

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