Benefits of Sem’s Air Duct Cleaning Services

  • We pre-check your device operation thoroughly and perform a Multi-Point System Check.
  • In preparation for careful treatment of your house, we use drop sheets, moving blankets, corner guards and register covers when necessary.
  • We clean the furnace blower and blower housing to provide a full cleaning of your machine.
  • We also build space for cleaning zones or frames or modules that adopt secure cleaning techniques.
  • Our experts provide skilled finishing by wiping down the outside of your furnace and sealing access panels for practical future access.


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Before we start cleaning, the first thing our experts at Sem’s Cleaning Company do is a complete inspection of your air duct system.

Statistics have noted that there are features specific to each household in Aurora. Therefore, our experts take the exhaustive time to conduct a comprehensive inspection to determine the air duct problem.

We will then immediately carefully explain the results of all our inspections to you, and your cleaning specialist at Sem’s Duct Cleaning will carefully clarify the procedures involved from the beginning to the end of the cleaning process.

Our Sem’s Secure duct cleaning technicians are similar to the antique brush cleaning and safety of modern pneumatic oven and duct cleaning systems, and this is the best way to clean ducts air.

We offer all the benefits of direct cleaning and cleaning of contact surfaces. This is the best way to clean your duct in Aurora.

Sem’s Duct Cleaning provides both our customers and prospective customers with the best furnace cleaning methods, and this is because we believe in offering well-standardized services to our customers and prospective customers without extra charge!

How to perceive if your house needs air duct cleaning

We are the Aurora duct cleaning business that will bring you amazing results.

Keep your HVAC passages in good shape so that they do not lose their effectiveness or cause breathing problems.

Here are some issues faced by building owners in Aurora:

  • Mold in the HVAC Machine
  • Increasing costs of heating and cooling
  • Dusty Grills

If you are searching for a modern age duct cleaning firm, you’ve found it in Sem’s Duct Cleaning business.

At Sem’s Duct Cleaning, don’t hesitate to call any of our technicians to learn more about how we operate air duct cleaning services in Aurora.


Longer Lifespan

A boiler or air conditioner can last up to 20 years if properly maintained. Maintenance is an important step in extending the life of your HVAC system.

Safety And Comfort At Home

An HVAC technician will clean your system and inspect its internal components during your six-month service appointment.

Better Air Quality

Replacing the filter removes dirt, pollen and allergens trapped in your home because all the air in your home passes through the oven filter.

Reduced Energy Costs

Performing these routine inspections by our professional service technician will ensure that your HVAC system operates with maximum efficiency.


How we act:

Aurora building shapes:

  • Warehouses, industrial installations and commercial premises

  • Company offices: skyscraper, ground floor and ground floor

  • Supermarkets, bars, cafes, high schools, department stores, small space for processing and production, laundry

  • Clinics and health buildings, homes for people with disabilities, long-term care centers

  • Schools; Public, residential, primary, secondary; Nurseries

  • Buildings and real estate, land for rent, skyscrapers

  • Elevator, townhouses, low-rise buildings, houses, flats, attics, residential buildings

  • After renovation, buildings, houses, apartments and buildings on the ground floor

    *You can contact us to start complete planning if we do not mention your type of house

Why Trust Sem’s Duct Cleaning To Clean Your Air Ducts In Aurora?

Our technicians are selected here at Sem’s Duct Cleaning in Aurora and are professionally certified. Our pride is our guarantee that we provide a strong inclination and ability of certified team members to use all modern equipment and equipment available in the market. With all the above promises, we will never put you at a disadvantage. It will answer all the questions that bother you about cleaning channels and processes.

We do not diminish the quality and service we provide. The first, second, third or tenth time we provide the same quality of service is that no matter how long you need our service, we provide the same performance. We strive to provide a concise and satisfactory air duct cleaning service. We prepare your work well every minute, make sure all doors and windows are watertight, and then finish the air ducts before leaving.

We make vacuum cleaners in the ducts where all the waste will be dragged to the truck bed using our truck vacuum cleaner, removing all the dirt from your office or home. Dirt, waste and allergens are easily absorbed within minutes with this vacuum cleaner. So in a few minutes, we covered you.

In addition to powerful features, we use various professional cleaning tools that can remove residual dirt without damage. We agree that after vacuuming, we used a 300 psi extraction tool to remove debris. After vacuuming the dirt, we do it right away.

What do we finish with cleaning the canal, what are we going to do? Drop by drop, and we start washing the air, filters, fans and other parts of the air conditioning system. Regardless of the nature of the canal or the location, our Sem Canal Cleaning Team will provide you with an efficient and superior cleaning service. You can contact us today and get a free appraisal of the canal cleaning job in Aurora. We also sell the installation of galvanized steel access panels to the suction pipe openings, although we provide professional air duct cleaning services. We perform and complete this installation immediately before you even fulfill your promises.

Duct Cleaning Process - steps by Sem’s Duct Cleaning


At Sem’s Duct Cleaning, we provide

the best duct cleaning technique. After a scheduled cleaning service with our cleaning specialists in Aurora, we guarantee that you will have a clean duct and a healthier air duct.


Vacuum Cleaner

We perform canal cleaning services using the Truck-Vac method, vacuuming all dust and mold particles for superior canal cleaning. This is one of the most effective of all the other techniques adopted in Aurora.


Skilled Workforce

All of our technicians at Sem's Duct Cleaning Services are well-trained workers who provide the best services for you and ensure satisfaction in any cleaning job.



Before you start cleaning the air ducts, we have some plans. We have established an appropriate course of action that will avoid bad results. Double the floors, ensure the door’s suitability and organize your furniture for work; we do it. All this preparation and planning aim to keep your furniture in perfect condition before and after our events. We also prevent the spread of dust.


Inevitable Air Pressure

During washing, we use vacuum hoses with a negative pressure of 8 feet to ensure that our Truck-Vac sucks all waste from the duct into the vacuum layer.

Duct Cleaning Process - steps by Sem’s Duct Cleaning


Clean Peeling

Our 300 psi cleaning tools physically clean up any residual dust or debris. It can be used in vacuum cleaners.


Cleaning Cover

Our team can also clean the duct’s inside, clean the lids and drips from the grill.



We need to flush and vacuum the HVAC slot, filter housing, fan and cabinet to provide a complete service system.


The Grand Finale

After cleaning is complete, our team installs new shiny galvanized access plates over the vacuum hose openings.

How To Prepare For Your Cleaning Appointment

One or two days before the specified date, we will call you to confirm all your data’s validity. These details include the cleaning address and budget you requested; You can ask questions by phone or email during the process.


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Six Steps To Choose An HVAC Cleaning Company For Duct Cleaning:

Get Contacts

Make sure that you have as much contact as you can with several local contractors.

Verify Experience

Make sure you know how long the organization has been in operation and has collected its experiences.


Evidence of the company’s approved and adequately covered insurance is very necessary.

Prior Inspection

The company you choose must be confident that all the air ducts and associated system components in your apartment must be cleaned and visually inspected.

Professional Equipment

You may not be knowledgeable about the equipment that your hired company needs to adopt. Still, you may ask if the company has the right cleaning equipment to perform efficiently and if the company has conducted similar work in homes to yours.


Get references if necessary from neighbors.

Facts of Interest!!!

Do you know the following?

  • One of the most dangerous risks to our health and climate is air pollution. Proper ventilation is the perfect way to maximize indoor air quality. Bad ventilation makes it possible for air pollution to linger in the building. This provides a breeding ground for toxic bacteria and mold. For people with sensitive respiratory systems, inadequate ventilation can also cause allergies. A perfect way to encourage fresh air to reach your home is to open the windows.
  • Air conditioners were too large and costly for the public in 1931. Around 6 feet tall, 6ft wide, and 20ft long was the first air conditioner’s size invented for residential use. The hard work of two innovators, J.Q., was required. H.H. and Sherman Schultz to produce the smaller air conditioners that you now enjoy.
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