How To Deal With A Dusty Air House

March 14, 2019Back to blog
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Most of us seem to have a daily issue when it comes to dust in our homes. It could be anything from dust bunnies under furniture, grimy HVAC pipes, to coats of dirt on tables and chairs. It would seem like a never-ending task to deal with. However, the good thing is that there are ways through which one can be able to deal with this menace. Here are some great ideas from Sem’s Duct Cleaning.

  1. Switch up your cleaning

One way through which a lot of us fail when it comes to cleaning is dry dusting. What you are trying to get rid of like pollen and dust is already dry, and so this method will only end up throwing the particles around, and they will eventually settle back all over the place.

Change this and go for wet dusting instead. There are a lot of safe cleaning options, and you won’t have to use chemicals.

  1. Set up a no-shoes zone

What folks do not know is that indoor are is usually more contaminated than outdoor air, and that when pollutants get in, they end up gathering in the air duct system, floors, and also on clothes. The easiest way to get dirt from outside into the home is through our shoes. This is because once we leave, we walk through some places, picking up grime from everywhere and when we get back to our abodes, this dirt ends up being spread all over. We recommend coming up with a shoes-off at the door rule, that way no dust will be transferred to the inside. If the shoes have to be in, have people remove them at the door and then carry them to a place with a mat or where they can be cleaned.

  1. Wash the floors often

Apart from glass objects, the floors are also prone to dust accumulation. To do away with this, set a schedule where they are washed and vacuumed often. Most people prefer to have it twice a week, and if for some reason one finds that they are too busy to do it, you could always set it up that every family member takes a turn.

  1. Set an air duct cleaning date

By now you know that once filth gets into the house, it usually gets stuck in there, and more often than not it ends up right in the air ducts. The closed loop of the piping pulls and cycles the air in your abode. This means that it sucks in all the impurities that could be there such as pollen and mold which ends up accumulating in the system. All this filth ends up being blown right back into the place, creating a never-ending loop of pollution. A recommended way to deal with this is to hire a professional crew such as Barrie air duct cleaning who will come and make sure that the whole system is grime free and that the air in the home is clean.

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