Freeing your House of Dust

June 11, 2019Back to blog
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Dust in homes has recently become a serious health issue, especially for those that suffer from respiratory illnesses. Every day, it grows increasingly necessary for you to pay attention to how clean your environment is and put measures in place to ensure that it remains as so. Unclean air carries allergens that increase the chances of getting diseases such as asthma. The process of keeping the air in your house clean is not complicated, and here are some suggestions from Sem’s Duct Cleaning.

Pinpoint Where the Dust is Originating From

If your house is prone to getting dusty often, only taking the step to clear it does not help solve the issue. The process would be more effective if you first set out to identify the source of the dust. Once you find out, put in necessary measures to ensure it stops polluting your place.

In most homes, clothes and shoes are the prime sources of indoor dust. For instance, when brushing lint off of clothes, one can notice some dust falling off. Therefore, it is advisable to perform this task outside. Shoes, on the other hand, collect a lot of bacteria and dirt when walking, and most people bring them into the house. It is advisable to add a storage area for shoes at the entrance to avoid dirtying the house. Have specific shoes for indoors in case you do not like walking barefoot. Other sources can be rugs, couches, and other areas.

Clean the Floor

The floor harbors a lot of dust in the house, which makes it recommendable to not only vacuum but also mop them daily. This practice is advised because the floor collects dirt daily, making it dirty even if it appears clean. If you tend to skip some days before cleaning your home, try daily cleaning for a couple of days and note why it is significant.

Take Care of Your Air Ducts

Air ducts rank high in the list of common things that are sources for dust in homes. Most people tend to forget that these appliances require maintenance and can have them running for years without ever being checked. It is advisable to have them cleaned at least once a year, and one should turn to professional duct cleaning services in Aurora. These companies carry the expertise required to ensure your duct is free from any dust. Additionally, they know how to handle the HVAC system without causing any damage that would otherwise cost you a lot of money to fix.

Get an Air Purifier

Air purifiers that are built in high quality are a useful tool when trying to get rid of dust in your house, so they are worth investing in.

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