Making Your Home Dust Free

August 29, 2019Back to blog
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Dust is a persistent nuisance in most homes, and nobody enjoys having it settle over their chattels. Most people find it hard to maintain their home free of this agent despite efforts to get rid of it. On average, a house of six rooms can accumulate up to forty pounds of dirt just in the ventilation system, which makes it cumbersome to maintain a clean space. Dust is one of those things you cannot completely get rid of, but you can apply some practices to ensure that the amount is kept as minimal as possible.

  • Clean air vents and ducts

The ventilation system is the most prone to letting dust and debris settle. Since these channels blow air into your home, the dust is carried right along and enters the space in your house. Therefore, no matter how many times thorough cleaning sessions are carried out, your home will mostly be riddled with dirt and low-quality air. It is recommended to have a skilled Rexdale air duct cleaning services such as Sem’s Duct Cleaning company come in and clear these pathways of any contaminants. Having these areas cleared will not only reduce the amount of dust in your home but also makes sure your AC is working in prime condition.

  • Move from top to bottom

When performing a thorough cleaning session, make sure you begin from the top moving towards the bottom. Finishing with the top means that dust will fall into areas that you have already cleaned, which limits how clean your house will be in the end. Starting at the top, however, means that any dust that falls off can be collected later on when you get to the bottom.

  • Declutter

Piled toys, books, clothes, and other belongings are common places for dust to settle and build up, especially if they remain stationary for a long time. Even if you clean around them, that does not reduce the amount of dirt that they collect within them. Getting them out of the way and organizing them allows you to easily spot any dirt settling on them and clean it easily.

  • Avoid carpeting

Carpets are undoubtedly one of the gorgeous ways to beautify floors. On the downside, they are magnets for not only dirt but also dust mites. Even with daily vacuuming sessions, it is difficult to get rid of these nuisances properly. The task can be made even harder if you do not have a Rexdale HVAC cleaning firm come in regularly to clear the debris in your air vents. Although the remaining dirt is not all that harmful to the ordinary human being, it can cause significant discomfort for those with severe allergies.

It is advisable to steer clear of carpets and opt for vinyl, hardwood, or tile flooring instead. If your attachment to carpets is too strong, invest in a vacuuming device that has a double-layered microfilter and operates with high efficiency.

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