• Multi-Point System Check. We perform a thorough pre-check of your system operation.
  • We Treat Your Home With Care. Drop sheets, moving blankets, corner guards and register covers are used when necessary.
  • Full System Clean. We clean the Furnace Blower and Blower Housing.
  • Dual Zone Cleaning. System is cleaned in “zones” using safe cleaning method.
  • Professional Finishing. We wipe down the outside of your furnace and seal the access panels to have convenient future access.


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Our Duct Cleaning specialists will perform a complete inspection of your Air Duct system before we begin cleaning. Every home located in Newmarket has unique features.

Our tech specialists thoroughly evaluate the problem with the air duct before proceeding with the easiest and safest method for cleaning your furnace and other air duct cleaning requirement.

Sem’s Duct cleaning Tech specialist will explain the processes involved to complete the cleaning.

At Sem’s Duct Cleaning we use the safe furnace and air duct cleaning methods to deliver the benefits of direct surface contact cleaning of the old-style brush cleaning, and the safety of modern pneumatic cleaning systems.

Sem’s Duct Cleaning in Newmarket offers the best methods of furnace cleaning to our prospective clients and such is because we don’t believe in providing less than standard services to them.

No extra charge!

Common problems that building owners in Newmarket experience.

You can call any of Sem’s Duct Cleaning specialists to get details about how air duct cleaning services in Newmarket should work.

  • Air Duct cleaning companies that offer poor services at your expense.
  • Animal nesting debris gain entry into inlets and clogging exhaust outlets.
  • Convoluted, old-fashioned ducting and HVAC infrastructure.
  • Incredibly poor value for money in duct cleaning

We are the Duct Cleaning Company in Newmarket capable of showing you GREAT results.

Sem’s Duct Cleaning is a modern age duct cleaning company with experience made for the modern age.


Simple Way to Improve Your Health

Most of our clients ask us how often they should clean their ducts, but the answer would naturally depend on your home or personal health.

People who are dealing with respiratory issues should try as much as they can to clean their ducts at every new season. Although it might seem a little extreme, it is essential you take our expert advice as duct cleaning professionals, to ensure your health is a priority.

Risk of Hidden Fires

Air duct blockages could be the primary cause of fires in your homes and offices, with the risk multiplying when you fail to clean the system when needed.

The debris and dirt located in the air ducts that have dried due to the continual release of hot air into the duct pipes are the major causal agents of such fires. With time, this debris becomes tinder dry and will catch on fire immediately a spark touches it.

Duct Cleaning Is Good For the Environment

Although your HVAC system is focused on your home or office environment, you might be unaware that your old and dirty ducts could impact the Earth’s environment as well.

The purpose of an HVAC system is to circulate air around your homes or office, but if your system needs to move air through the dirt and debris in your ducts.

Professional Air Duct Cleaning Can Clean Up Your Space!

The main concern of duct cleaning Newmarket is the quality of the air in circulation.

For this reason, when we are asked why cleaning air ducts is necessary, our answer is always: cleaning air ducts will help your living environment and also improve your health.


Our services:

We operate in buildings:

  • Warehouses, Industrialbuilding & Commercial spaces

  • Business Offices: high rise, low rise and ground floor

  • Retail stores, Grocery stores, Restaurants, Coffee shops, Gym, Small production spaces & Manufacturing, Laundry

  • Medical buildings & Hospitals, Seniors homes, long term care facilities, retirement homes

  • Schools; Elementary, Secondary, Public, Private; Day-cares

  • Real estate buildings & holdings, high rises, rental properties

  • Townhouses, walk-ups, low rise, homes, condos, lofts, apartment building

  • Post-construction buildings, houses, apartments, condominium buildings

    *You can contact us if your type of building isn’t listed above, so we can begin making preparations.

Why Trust Sem’s Duct Cleaning In Newmarket For Cleaning Your Air Ducts?

At Sem’s Duct Cleaning, we employ professional technicians which we personally handpicked here in Newmarket. With all pride, we can assure you that all our team members are certified and capable of using all equipment and modern gear available in the market. Aside from that, our professionals will be available to answer any questions you have regarding methods of cleaning ducts and how the process works.

Whenever we are called for a job in Newmarket, we try our possible best to ensure that our air duct cleaning services are done right the first time, and that is why we spend a lot of time in preparing for the job. During the preparation, we ensure that all the doors and windows are airtight and then complete the work in the air duct.

We use our truck-based blast vacuum to create suction in the ducts. This method helps to suck out dirt, debris, and allergens in a matter of minutes. All the debris will be sucked into the truck's bed, eliminating all the dirt in your office or home.

Immediately after sucking out the dirt, we send in our 300psi scrubbing tools to remove any debris left after the suction. These professional cleaning tools are powerful and capable of removing any remnants of dirt without damaging the structure of the duct.

After scrubbing the ducts, we then start air-washing the drop, filters, blower fan and other parts of the air handler. While providing you with professional air duct cleaning services, we also offer to install galvanized steel access panels on the openings of the vacuum hose. This installation can be carried out immediately we’re done and before we leave.

Irrespective of the nature of the duct or place, our team at Sem’s Duct Cleaning will deliver a top-notch cleaning service that is effective. You can contact us today for a free estimate on your duct cleaning job in Newmarket.

Duct Cleaning Process - steps by Sem’s Duct Cleaning


At Sem’s Duct Cleaning, we guarantee

a clean and healthier air duct after a scheduled cleaning service with our professional cleaning team in Newmarket.


Blast Vacuum

We utilize a Truck-Vac system to carry out our duct cleaning services. This method is one of the most powerful in the Greater Newmarket Area. It will help in sucking out every particle of dust and mildew for a superior duct cleaning.


Skilled Workforce

At Sem’s Duct Cleaning services, we offer only our best and well-trained cleaning technicians to you. By doing so, we offer you a guaranteed satisfaction on each cleaning assignment.


Planning and Preparation

Before we begin cleaning your air duct, our team devises a proper course of action. We cover the floors, ensure the fitness of the doors and prepare your furniture for the process –doing so will help keep your furniture in its best condition and avoid the spread of dust.


Unavoidable Air Pressure

We make use of negative air pressure 8’ vacuum hoses when cleaning, to ensure that our Truck-Vac pulls out every bit of debris present in the duct into the vacuum bed.

Duct Cleaning Process - steps by Sem’s Duct Cleaning


Scrub Clean

Aside from vacuums, we also use our 300psi scrubbing tools to help in the physical removal of any dust or debris particle remaining.


Cover Cleaning

Our team not only does the cleaning of the insides of the ducts, but also the cleaning of grill covers and drops.


The Essentials

Our services cannot be complete without air-washing and vacuuming the drop, filter box, blower fan, and the cabinet interior of the HVAC system.


The Grand Finale

Finally, at the end of the cleaning, we place a shiny new galvanized access panel over the openings of the vacuum hose.

How To Prepare For Your Cleaning Appointment

A day or two before the appointed date, we will call you to confirm the validity of all your details. These details include the cleaning address and the quote you ordered –during the process, you can ask questions via telephone or email.


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Before We Arrive:

Locate all Vents

Before we arrive, go through your home thoroughly and provide access to all your vents, including hot air vents, and cold air vents on the wall. You could also move your furniture if necessary to allow access to the wall vents –we will also need access to every vent located in your home, including those in bathrooms, and closets. Perform a quick count for an estimated number of the total vents in your home.

Prepare Your Living Space

Remove all lamps, plants or accessories and furniture from the area to be cleaned to avoid damage during the process.

Furnace Room

Make sure you don’t keep anything within a 4 feet radius of your furnace and hot water tank. Also ensure that your furnace is readily accessible for our cleaning; but if you’re not sure, you can contact us to help you book an appointment with our professional duct cleaners.


If you think your home’s heating system has asbestos taping or any form of insulation, please visit our “Asbestos FAQs” to learn more and determine if we are capable of cleaning your furnace and ducts.

$20 1 OCT. - 31 DEC.