Residential Duct Cleaning in Toronto and GTA

It is important that you regularly have your heating and air conditioning ducts washed out. That being said, some major choices have to go into this. Getting rid of dirt, bacteria, mildew, and any other dangerous impurities that may have built up in the vents is always a smart move. This is because they will now be able to perform well, and you will also make your house cleaner and dust free. It is also helpful especially for people who are prone to allergies, as it makes the air quality cleaner for them.

Toronto Air Duct Cleaning is a well-known and respected firm throughout the area.

Our staff makes sure that:

  • the tasks are carried out effectively, providing professional and accurate air duct cleaning services;
  • using only the recommended certified tools to leave the air pipes as clean and clear as ever.

Before washing up the duct system, we ensure that:

  • The floors are covered so that debris does not get to them. For this, Sem’s Duct Cleaning lay down floor runners, corner guards and also vent magnets.
  • Just in case there is some furniture that is in the way, we can move the furniture as long as it is not too bulky or an antique.
  • This whole process takes just about fifteen minutes to half an hour, going with how big the house is.

The state of the art dusting mechanism we use has an air-wand which gets the dirt out of each canal line, which is then deposited into the main one where it gets vacuumed into the van-mountain collection structure.

Toronto Residential Air Duct Cleaning _ Best HVAC in Toronto

The next step after the air sweeping is the use of a pneumatically powered rotary brush which now gets rid of any grime that is stuck on the walls of the ducts. A reverse nozzle then pushes this dirt into the vacuum hose, getting rid of it totally.

After that, every single return and supply vent is cleansed. If your house tends to hold and accumulate plenty of grime, this sort of intense cleaning is recommended. The air wands are usually long enough to reach the ducts through the open divisions in the registers, and so one must not remove them to clean them.

Toronto Residential Air Duct Cleaning _ Best HVAC in Toronto

air duct cleaning service discountIn addition to ducts, our company also adds in furnace or air conditioner washing. The amount the customer has to pay for this is generally included in the final cost. However, we also give offers to reduce the amount you will spend on any other services given.

Just lice furnaces, AC coils also get dusty. When they get clogged, it makes the machine use up a lot of energy to try and work properly since the air is not going in and out smoothly. Correct coil dusting is vital to keep airflow in the required settings. We use a high-power vacuum which operates at sixteen thousand cu. ft per minute and two hundred to two hundred and fifty psi of compressed air.

Upon request, our crew will as well sanitize the pipes. However, keep in mind that this smell usually lasts for about two to four days.

If your residence is in downtown Toronto, we request that you check if our sixteen-foot truck can get space.

Toronto Residential Air Duct Cleaning _ Best HVAC in Toronto

We service the following locations over the Greater Toronto Area including the MississaugaTorontoRichmond HillMarkham, NewmarketAjax York, PickeringUxbridgeWhitbyBurlington, Bradford West GwillimburyVaughan, Scarborough, ThornhillBramptonCaledon, Etobicoke AuroraEast Gwillimbury Georgina, King CityStouffville, Maple, Kleinburg, Gormley, East York, Woodbridge and other.

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